Pocket PC Require by variablepitch348


									Astracadabra Requirements

The device must have: a) 64MB RAM (or more), (b) a touch-sensitive rectangular screen (not a square or landscape screen) and (c) must use Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition, Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC (not the Smartphone version) or the latest Windows Mobile 6 Professional (not Standard). For Pocket PCs, any of the “HP” iPAQ models, “Dell” Axim or “Dell” Mio are suitable with some exceptions where devices use only 32MB RAM or have the square or landscape screens. For Pocket PC Phones, the number of devices is growing by the day. In Australia, any models in the “i-mate” range, the “O2” range, “Dopod” range or “HTC” range. In the USA, most of these devices are controlled by the phone companies themselves but the equivalent “brands” are the “Cingular AT&T”, “Verizon”, “Sprint” and “T-Mobile” devices, to name a few. The USA can also use “HP”, “HTC”, “i-mate” and “Mio” brands For further enquiries email admin@esotech.com.au

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