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									Common Expressions (Slang/Idioms) 1. If you give them an inch, they will take a mile. 2. What’s your beef? 3. Wow, she’s a knock out! 4. I think I lost my marbles. 5. That’s sick! 6. It takes a lot of guts to talk back to your boss 7. I am starting to feel a bit buzzed. 8. I have a good feeling about this. (I have a good vibe about this) 9. He doesn’t have it all together. 10. Doing homework on the weekend is such a drag. 11. He can be a handful! 12. Wow. That’s an earful. 13. Man... I have no idea. 14. Did you get your caffeine fix? 15. It’s loosely based on scientific principles. 16. The glass ceiling effect. 17. There is a lot of red tape in bureaucracy. 18. Quick, lets go to Lotte Department Store, they are giving away freebies! 19. Lots of students smoke grass in the dormitory. 20. Lets grab some grub!

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