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					Brain Storming Activity

Generate as many ideas as you can, regardless if you think they are good or not, on the space below for each question .

Q.1. Which is better, McDonalds or Lotteria?

Q.2. If you had to be reincarnated into something else, what would it be?

Q.3. Which parent do you most resemble ?

Q.4. If you could be anyone else in the world for one day, who would it be? “walk in someone else’s shoes”

Q.5. What would you rather be: a bird that couldn’t fly, or a fish that couldn’t swim?

Q.6. Which situation would you prefer: showing up to class with a coffee stain on your shirt, or showing up to class without your homework being done?

Q.7. Would you rather be lost in a desert or in a rain forest?

Q.8. Which would you prefer: dying of dehydration or dying of starvation?

Q.9. What would you rather be. A monkey with the same intelligence as you have now, or a human but with the intelligence of a monkey?

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Description: Silly questions that haven no wrong answer. They are based all on interpretation and opinion. I had students write down whatever ideas that came to their head, as quickly as possible. I timed them for each question and counted how many ideas they could come up with. Fun and it gets all students involved!