Chapter 10 Guided Reading by variablepitch346


									Chapter 10 Guided Reading
As you read Chapter 10, fill out the charts below using the information from the chapter. The information can be found in order of the sections. A. Fill out the chart below by summarizing reasons why the United States became an imperial power. The Roots of American Imperialism 1. Economic Roots 2. Political and Military Roots 3. Racist Roots

B. For each year on the time line below, identify one important event in the history of U. S. involvement in Hawaii.

U.S. Imperialism in Hawaii 1875 1887 1890 1891 1897 1898

C. Fill in the chart with information from Chapter 10 Causes: How did each of the following help to cause the outbreak of the Spanish American War? 1. American business owners

2. Josá MartÍ

3. Valeriano Weyler

4. Yellow Journalism

5. De Lóme Letter

6. U.S.S. Maine

Effects: What Happened to each of the following territories as a result of the Spanish-American War 7. Cuba

8. Puerto Rico

9. Guam

10. Philippine Islands

D. As you read about America’s relations with lands under its influence, write notes to answer the questions below. Some answers have already been filled in for you.

Puerto Rico 1898-1916 1. What was its relationship to the U.S? 2. Why did the U.S. try to control its affairs? 3. What laws and policies affected its relationship with the U.S.? 4. What violent event affected its relationship with the U.S.? Very similar to that of a colony or protectorate

Cuba 1898-1903

The Philippines 1898-1945

China 1900

To provide the U.S. with raw materials and new markets

SpanishAmerican War

E. John Hay’s “Open Door Notes” paved the way for greater U.S. influence in Asia. Note three beliefs held by Americans that were reflected by the Open Door policy. 1.



F. Write notes summarizing the effects of American military, diplomatic, and economic power around the world.

Roosevelt’s “Big Stick Diplomacy”
American action taken 1. Treaty of Portsmouth 1. is negotiated 2. 2. U.S. Warships are used to ensure Panama’s independence 3. Panama Canal is built 1. 2. 1. 2. 4. Roosevelt Corollary is adopted 1. 2. Consequence of that action

Wilson’s “Missionary or Moral” Diplomacy
American action taken 5. Wilson uses a minor incident with Mexico as an excuse to occupy Veracruz 6. Wilson recognizes Carranza government Consequence of that action 1.


7. Wilson refuses Carranza’s demand to withdraw U.S. troops sent into Mexico to capture Villa

1. 2.

F. Vocabulary: Define and explain the significance to each of the following terms or individuals. 1. Imperialism 2. William Seward

3. Valeriano Weyler 4. Yellow Journalism 5. U.S.S. Maine 6. George Dewey 7. Treaty of Paris 8. Foraker Act 9. Platt Amendment 10. protectorate 11. Emilio Aguinaldo 12. John Hay 13. Open Door Note 14. Boxer Rebellion 15. Panama Canal 16. Theodore Roosevelt 17. Woodrow Wilson 18. Roosevelt Corollary 19. “Big Stick” Diplomacy 20. Dollar Diplomacy 21. Missionary or Moral Diplomacy 22. Pancho Villa

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