Chapter 12 Section 1 Guided Reading by variablepitch346


									Chapter 12: Section 1 Guided Reading Page 375-381 1. Without reading the section, describe what you already know about the Renaissance. 2. What was the Renaissance a “rebirth” of? 3. Describe the three characteristics of the Renaissance, as described in the section? 4. In your own words, describe what is meant by “secular”. 5. Use a thinking map to illustrate why Milan, Venice, and Florence were prime cities for the Renaissance. 6. How did Machiavelli feel that a “prince” or king should rule over his subjects? 7. Use a table like the one below to describe the difference between the social structure of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. a. Middle Ages Renaissance Nobility Peasants Townspeople Science, Technology, and Society: The Impact of Printing 7. Why do you think the printing of books encouraged people’s desire to gain knowledge? *If you finish early, you may begin to read Chapter 12: Section 2 as we will also read and answer questions for this section.

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