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Macbeth Act IV Guided Reading Questions
Act IV, Scene1  What is different about the way that Macbeth treats the witches this time as compared to his last visit with them in Act I?  What does each of the three apparitions that deal with Macbeth look like and what does it say?  What is the second thing that Macbeth demands to know from the witches?  What does the final apparition look like, and what does it mean?  What does Macbeth reveal he is going to do at the very end of the scene? Act IV, Scene 2  Lady Macduff thinks her husband is a traitor. Why does she think he has left her and the children?  What role does the little boy seem to have taken in the household? Act IV, Scene 3  Why does Malcolm think he needs to test Macduff?  What are the three things that Malcolm claims he is guilty of in the test with Macduff?  How many troops will come to aid Scotland?  When Macduff learns the truth about his family, what do Malcolm and Ross tell him to do with his anger?

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