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					Most Noticeable Top 5 Disadvantages Of Tablet Laptops
Tablet Laptops have shortcomings, although many advantages. The downside is:      The maximum screen size available in 14.1-inch tablet laptop that is very difficult to read items. Although the touch screen has many advantages, but if the small screen hard to see the items The second main disadvantage is that you can not have an internal optical drive as a tablet laptop is designed to maintain less weight. You can only connect an external Your tablet laptop only understand your handwriting, but others can not. So only one user can use a tablet laptop for life time. Because Handwriting recognition is only one user knows. Damage to the screen often occurs because the input from a pen so you have to touch it more often. Input rate of a pen on the tablet laptop slower than the input from a keyboard and mouse Tablet Laptop more expensive than ordinary laptops

Everything in this world has weaknesses and strengths so it's up to the user who decides. Surely users prefer more profits than losses.

Why a Tablet PC Laptop Over a Standard Laptop?
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Why a tablet PC laptop over a standard laptop? A tablet laptop can also be used in presentations like a standard laptop but since it has a touch screen that can be written on, more complex information can be conveyed. The flexibility to convey complex drawings and images also encourages more interaction than a standard laptop because anyone present at the meeting or class can come to the tablet PC laptop and write on it. Tablet PC laptops are light and designed to be carried around. Like a standard laptop the tablet laptop has a keyboard and screen but unlike a standard laptop the tablet PC laptop has a touch screen that can be swiveled around so that it can be used like a notepad. The touch screen is also chemically strengthened to resist scratching. Because the tablet PC laptop is designed to be carried around and written on it is also designed to be more robust than a standard laptop. Manufacturers of tablet PC laptops therefore test their products for scratch and impact resistance.

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