Belgium's 2010 funding strategy by variablepitch346


									Press release of 11 December 2009

Belgium's 2010 funding strategy
Press release from the Belgian Debt Agency

The Belgian Debt Agency is pleased to present its Review Outlook 2009-2010. On page 4, the Kingdom?s 2010 borrowing requirements and funding plan are explained. The Treasury confirms the issuance targets of EUR 32.75 billion for the OLOs, and EUR 4.5 billion for the EMTN-program. The funding and debt management strategy for 2010 are highlighted on the subsequent pages.

For more informations: The Belgian Debt Agency is a department of the Belgian Treasury, Federal Public Service FINANCE, and is located at Kunstlaan/Avenue des Arts, 30, 1040 BRUSSELS. More information about this press release can be obtained by: Jean Deboutte, Tel.: +32 (0)2 233 72 79, Mobile : +32 (0)472 97 00 76 The Belgian Debt Agency can be contacted at: Our website :

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