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									GCSE Exam Preparation Packs French, German, Spanish
Regardless of your level of computer literacy, GCSE Exam Preparation Packs allow you to create your own worksheets or documents from the materials supplied by Nelson Thornes. For any BookMaster title, the method of use remains the same. For the programme to run, the CD-ROM will have to be inserted into the computer each time. On the Main Menu screen you have three options:

• Open the original book, presented in a PDF format exactly as Nelson Thornes
intended. You can view and print the original material in high quality.

• Create your own document. • Open a previously created document from within BookMaster.

GCSE Exam Preparation Packs provide a series of high quality worksheets that can be printed straight from the CD-ROM. Simply select the first option on the main menu “view and print original in PDF format”.

You are given a wide range of worksheets to choose from. So you only have to carry around what you need for the day’s lesson(s).

GCSE Exam Preparation Packs can offer you a lot more. You can customise any of these worksheets to suit your teaching requirements or/and the ability of your students. The second option “create your own document” gives you access to the editable worksheets. Here you are able to click on any element on the worksheets (a dotted line appears around the selected element) and copy them into a scrapbook.

You can either copy just one activity or one picture, or the whole page depending on what you want to do later. You can pick up elements from several worksheets and copy them into the same scrapbook until you have got everything you need to create your own worksheet(s).

You then open screen 3. To access this screen, you click on the number 3 circled at the top of the screen. This option opens a blank page where you will be able to create your own worksheet(s) using the elements that you have copied into your scrapbook (the scrapbook will appear on the screen when you open this section).

Select the element that you need from your scrapbook and click on “paste”. The element appears on the blank page. This element can be moved anywhere on the page. If it is text, you can change the words used or even change the colour. You can even add completely new text or delete text.

Where text is not editable, for example in speech bubbles or in tip boxes, you can find templates of these features in the “additional artwork resources” section.

Now you only have to save your worksheet so you can keep it for further reference. Creating your own worksheets with BookMaster is very easy but like all software, you will need to practise before you feel completely confident. If you are used to using a word processor, you will become familiar with GCSE Exam Preparation CD-ROMs very quickly as the icons are very easily recognisable. You can log onto the BookMaster website (www.bookmaster.eu.com) which offers you a video tutorial, 24-hour email contact for technical support, a Frequently Asked Questions section, a Message Board forum and a “Tips and Tricks” page demonstrating helpful hints on how to enhance your documents.

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