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									Independent Sales Rep Job Commission
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Personalized Marketing • Upload, customize, and personalize print material • Create, Order, Ship or mail…..that easy! Brand Control • Control your brand while allowing options on your marketing channels, national offices, and franchise locations. • Powerful workflow system allows user to lock and publish certain content areas while unlocking and enabling editing of others. Campaign Automation • Make it Easy and save time, money, and get to your prospect faster by making your direct mail event triggered and in auto drive PURLS(Personal URLs) and lead Generation • Get your customers engaged using PURLS. Responses from surveys, contests, and feedback forms are captured and brought into your database. • Be notified via e-mail, cell phone of new leads in real time thus greatly reducing the sales cycle and administrative burden on lead management. Track & Analyze Campaign Results • Results in Real time and can be viewed and built in dynamic reports. • Build dynamic reports for marketing channels(google, print ads, e-mail, direct mail, etc)

PRODUCT Sign Up Account Magnets Postcards

ORDER SIZE Upto 500 Any Order <1000 >1000

COMMISSION(Net Sales) $2/account 40% 15% 30% 40% 50% 30% 20% 20%

Postcard Newsletters

<250 >250

Business cards Flyers Just Sold/Just Listed Postcards Graphic Design Work Mail Lists & Mail Services Purl WebPage

Any Order Any Order Any Order

Any Order Any Order

25% 10%

Any Order


E a s y Mail Mak er Fa s t Fa c t s
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Create direct mail for customers Free marketing dashboard and marketing tools(CRM Management) Free Marketing Analytics and tracking with PURL’s Provide Mail List & Mail Delivery Services Offer Graphic Design Services Sells Customized web portal platforms to streamline marketing channels for National Offices, Franchises, & Businesses
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