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RM Easiteach Tutorial by techmaster


									 Getting started with Easiteach Studio

F    The Interactive White Board
F    Getting Started with Easiteach
F    Using Easiteach
F    Advanced usage

The Interactive Whiteboard
!    Can I get the whiteboard and projector working?
!    Do I know how to calibrate the whiteboard?
!    Do I know how to get Easiteach on the screen?

!    Things to check if I haven't got it working: -
!    Is the projector/ClassBoard/Computer on?
!    Is the projector set to computer 'source'?
!    (Press the source button on the remote control)
!    Is the laptop sending an image to the projector?
!    (Press FN and F5 - CRT/LCD on the laptop)
!    Is the battery in the pen working?
!    (Open and shut the pen - if the LED flashes the
           battery is fine)
!    Does the ClassBoard need calibration?
!    (Press the calibration icon in RM interwrite or on the
           board to start calibration)
!    Load Easiteach Studio - you will find the icon in the
           Windows Start Menu under 'Softease'.
Getting started with Easiteach Studio                         Close


    Change appearance                      Current toolbar

            Storyboard view

           Page numbers (this
           means that one one
           page exists)                                           Bin

                                               Toggles toolbars
   Insert new page                             left to right


                                    Can you get the toolbars to
                                    look like this?

          Storyboard view

                   Using Easiteach Studio
                                                                                        select tool
        This is the main toolbar. It comes up with Use                                  line tool
        Mode selected (the hand). This allows you to                                    shape tool
        select anything on screen with a single click.                                  colour picker
                                                                                        zoom in

                                                                                        Fill colour
                                                                                        speech tool
                                                                                        text tool
                                                                                        line colour
                                                                                        zoom out
Using and Changing Text
Creating text
1) Click on the 'T' on the Easiteach toolbar. You can then type using the keyboard.
2) Click on the keyboard icon (bottom right of screen). This is most useful when at the whiteboard.

Editing text
1) When you have written text, click on the 'E' on the Easiteach toolbar. You can highlight, change
font, size, colour etc.
2) Use the 'select' tool on the Easiteach toolbar. Double click on the text you want and a box will
surround the words. You can then move, re-size or rotate the selected text.
3) To manipulate parts of text in different ways, make sure each piece of writing has been created
separately. That is, not by pressing 'return' but by clicking the mouse in a different part of the page.

Word Bank and Picture bank both exist in the resources area. It is also possible to add pictures from
for example, a digital camera, or video clips from, for example, the internet.
                                                                                            select tool
Using Easiteach Studio                                                                      line tool
                                                                                            shape tool
                                                                                            colour picker
                                                                                            zoom in

                                                                                            Fill colour
                                                                                            speech tool
                                                                                            text tool
                                                                                            line colour
                                                                                            zoom out

 Using the fill tool.
 Use the tools to create a simple screen like this:
                                                       Make the circle blue - either choose the line
                  Living things                        colour before you draw it (and make sure the
                                                       fill colour is set to no fill ) or use the fill
                                                       tool to fill it blue afterwards.

                                                       Use the Resources button to find clipart.

                                                       Try using the fill tool to change the colour of
                                                       your text.

                                                       Use the speech button to read the title. Can
                                                       you describe exactly how the different speech
                                                       options work?

 Using the 'reveal' technique.
 Now add a new page and create a screen
 like this:
                                             Use the Resources button to find the maps (in

                              Scotland       Drag the map onto the page then use the select
                                             tool to resize the map.

                                             When you've done this, add a solid filled
                               England       rectangle over the word Scotland, like this:

                                             Now use the Use mode tool to drag the solid
                                             filled box to 'reveal' the word. (Place the cursor
                                             over the edge of the box and drag.)

                                                                                              Drag box to
                                                                                              reveal the text.

Using Lock to page. (Add a new page.)
Create the screen below where all the sentences are separate (don't press return, simply click somewhere
else on the page to write the next sentence. You can align them when you've completed the sentences).

                                                                    Is round.

                                                                    Has four corners, two short
                                                                    and two long sides.

                                                                    Has four sides of the same

                                                                    Has no straight edges

    In this case, we just want children to move the words and not the shapes or boxes for the words. To
    enable this, highlight the shapes and the word boxes with the select tool:

    When you have these highlighted, expand the toolbar:

    Now click on the utilities button:

    Click on the Lock button (padlock).

                                                                         If you need to access any of
    Now click off the highlighted items. Notice                          the locked items, simply click
    that they no longer select. This is really useful                    on the key to unlock them.
    where you want to use anything as a background.                      (Click back on the key to relock
                                                                         them.)             (Note: when items
                                                                         are 'unlocked', the key is highlighted in light

1. Say whether the Use Mode tool or the select tool is most appropriate in these situations (and explain why):

¬     You want to move these coins and the background around the screen.
¬     You want to resize the 20p coin.
¬     You want to rotate a picture.
¬     You want to move text around the screen.
¬     You want to create a 'reveal' box to slowly reveal something under the box.

2. Find the button that changes the Style of what appears on screen and change the paragraph style to a
different font size. Now think about and be prepared to explain what that has actually done.

3. Find the ready-drawn shapes and find out how to change their colour. Can you make them transparent?

Advanced Usage
Using copiable objects.            (Advanced - add a new page.)

Make this screen where the main text is locked to the page.
1. It was                  ball.                                      Their         Remember - the main body of text
                                                                                    should be written using the return key
2.             ball was over                      .                   There
                                                                                    to go down a line, but the there and
3.               was a strong wind.                                   their         their words must all be separate.
                                                                                    From the expanded toolbar, use the
                                                                                    align tool to align the their words like

 1. Use the select tool to select the their words,                      then click on the align tool

 2. First, align the words to the left

 3. Now Evenly space the words

 Note: the first thing you select is used as the marker and all other selected items are aligned to it. Similarly, when spacing items, the
 first item selected and the furthest item are used as the first and last marker when spacing things.

 Now we need to Exit to Textease to make an object copiable. You do this through the File menu:

Once in Textease, use the select tool to highlight the
there and their words, then click on the Other menu
item and choose Object. Now make sure that just
Copies and Prints are ticked:
Note the options that are available through this menu

Now, from the Other menu item, choose Easiteach.

Try out your screen. Think how the screen would
have been diferent if we'd chosen to make the words
editable or resizable or movable.

Using the multimedia functions.
(Add a new page.)
Create a rhyming words screen like this:
                                                You can find these pictures in the clipart folders:
                                                food - fruit, household, buildings and space.

                                                Make your pictures roughly the same size.

                                                If you want to align the pictures, open the toolbar out like
                                                this:         then using the select tool      , select the
                                                items         you want to align by dragging a box over
                                                                  Start dragging above and to the left of
                                                                  the first picture and let go when all
                                                                  pictures are highlighted:
Now click on the align tool.
Can you work out which button aligns all to the
same height? Which button evenly spaces more
than two objects horizontally across the page?

Now add a solid filled rectangle over the first

                                                                 When you have drawn the rectangle, hold
                                                                 the Ctrl key down and drag the edge of the
                                                                 rectangle to the next picture (this copies it).

                                                                                    Repeat this till all pictures
                                                                                    are covered.
       Using the select tool, highlight a rectangle (if
       it isn't already). Click on the utilities button
       then the links tool       and tick the box shown

                                                      Don't shut the Links window down, (reopen it if
                                                      necessary). Instead, click on each rectangle in turn and
                                                      tick the same box for them all.

                                                      Now try clicking on the rectangles. What happens if
                                                      you then click on the revealed pictures?

       Using this technique you can create any memory type game. In this example we have chosen the
       moon as something that may not be instantly recognisable. This gives us the opportunity to use
       context (in this case, rhyming) as our clue to work out what the picture is. Can you think of any
       other uses for this technique other than rhyming words?


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