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					Vault Law Online Career Library Tutorial
                                  Table of Contents
                                  We are pleased to have your school as a member of Vault. The following tutorial is
                                  designed to familiarize you with the functionality of the Vault Law Online Career Library.
                                  Feel free to use this tutorial in presentations to train fellow staff members and authorized
Vault Law Online Career Library

                                  Introduction                                 Page 3
                                  Home Page                                    Page 4 - 9
                                  Download Guides Page                         Page 10 - 14
                                  Industry Research Page                       Page 15
                                  Firm Research Page                           Page 16 - 17
                                  Message Boards Page                          Page 18 - 21
                                  Career Advice Page                           Page 22
                                  Security Options                             Page 24
                                  Helpful Contact List                         Page 25
                                  Additional Products and Services             Page 26 - 28
                                  Testimonials                                 Page 29 - 30

                                  Welcome to Vault!
                                  In addition to the tutorial, we have included helpful contacts, additional products and
                                  services and client testimonials. The tutorial will be structured in the following manner:
                                  • Each web page will be thoroughly explained from the Home Page to each area within
Vault Law Online Career Library

                                  the site.
                                  • Helpful tips and tricks to access information quickly.
                                  • The orange arrows indicate hyperlinks or important points of information

                                  Home Page
                                  The Home Page allows you to access everything within the gray navigational bar across
                                  the top. Users can navigate to different areas via the home page or via the gray
                                  navigational bar. If you will notice, the blue tabs are actually hyperlinks. As you move
                                  your arrow over the tab, it becomes active. The following slides will detail each section
                                  on the home page .
Vault Law Online Career Library

                                  Gray Navigational Bar

                                                               Active Blue Tabs

                                  Home Page
                                     Download Vault Guides Tab (active link), rest cursor over the blue tab
                                      until it becomes active
                                     You will be redirected to area under “Download Guides” button on gray
                                      navigation bar
Vault Law Online Career Library

                                     There are currently over 30 Vault Guides available for students, faculty
                                      and staff to download Redirects to

                                                                Active Blue Tab

                                  Home Page
                                  NEW on the Online Library yellow box (inactive) – lists free guides added to
                                  your library. Relevant guides are added as published, there is no set schedule
                                  for adding free guides. Not all new guides available on the public Vault site will
                                  be added to the Online Library.
Vault Law Online Career Library

                                                                                             NEW on the Online

                                  Home Page
                                     Industry Research Tab (active link), rest cursor over the blue tab until it
                                      becomes active
                                     You will be redirected to area under “Industry Research” button on
                                      gray navigation bar
Vault Law Online Career Library

                                     This Blue Tab
                                      Activesection contains information on rankings and program profiles

                                  Home Page
                                     Electronic WaterCooler™ Tab (active tab)
                                     You will be redirected to area under “Message Boards” button on gray
                                      navigation bar
                                                                                            Redirects to
Vault Law Online Career Library

                                      Active Blue Tab

                                                             Active Blue Tab

                                  Home Page
                                     Exclusive Articles Tab (inactive link)
                                     If you click on any of the articles or “more” hyperlink, you will be
                                      redirected to area under “Career Advice” button on gray navigation bar
                                                                                                         Redirects to
                                     There are currently 1,100+ Career Advice Articles
Vault Law Online Career Library

                                      Active Blue Tab

                                  Download Guides Page
                                  The Download Guides Section contains links to PDF versions of our hardcopies. Please
                                  note that not all guides found on the public site are on here. In order to keep licensing
                                  costs affordable, a selection of guides geared towards intended audiences
                                  (undergraduate, law, business, etc.) are located here. The Download FAQ tab is very
                                  important, read first before trying to download any guides
Vault Law Online Career Library

                                  If you do not have Adobe Reader or wish to upgrade, select options on right column

                                  Download Guides Page
                                     Law Career Guides Tab
Vault Law Online Career Library

                                  Download Guides Page
                                     Law Firms and Legal Employers Guides Tab
Vault Law Online Career Library

                                  Download Guides Page
                                     Alternative Legal Career Guides Tab
Vault Law Online Career Library

                                  Download Guides Page
                                  Gold Employer information. Gold surveys precisely detail workplace, interview, salaray
                                  and business outlook issues for specific positions within a company, as described to
                                  Vault by actual employees from 50 prominent companies
Vault Law Online Career Library

                                  Industry Research Page
                                  Industry Research Page Contains:
                                  • Prestige, quality of life, regional, diversity, and departmental rankings
                                  • Diversity and Pro Bono Program Profiles
Vault Law Online Career Library

                                  Firm Research Page
                                  Firm Research Page Contains:
                                  • Profiles on 500+ law firms
                                  • Extended Gold Snapshots for top legal employers
                                  • Q&A Articles for over 30 law firms
Vault Law Online Career Library

                                  Firm Research Page
                                  Company Research tab – search by name or alphabetically.
                                  Browse by Industry tab - Industry overviews on 35 popular career fields
                                  provide an excellent foundation for beginning career research. These
                                  synopses highlight summaries of jobs, skills needed and career path outlook,
                                  as well as hot topics facing the industry.
Vault Law Online Career Library

                                  Message Boards Page
                                  The Electronic WaterCooler™ message boards is the most popular forum for
                                  students and job-seekers online to get the real scoop from real people. It
                                  contains over 2 million message postings. Students are allowed to ask specific
                                  questions about a company or industry, read past questions and their
                                  revealing responses in a private, monitored forum. This is great for networking
Vault Law Online Career Library

                                  with job-seekers and current employees – the people who know what it takes
                                  to get the jobs your students want!

                                  Message Boards Page
                                  If you were to click on a message board page, the following screen is an
                                  example of what would appear
Vault Law Online Career Library

                                  Message Boards Page
                                  In order to ask a question or post a reply, students must choose a message
                                  board identity
Vault Law Online Career Library

                                                            Click on hyperlink to create identity

                                  Message Boards Page
                                  Screen that appears when a user creates a message board identity
Vault Law Online Career Library

                                  Career Advice Page
                                  Career Advice page contains articles (largest online career advice hub of its
                                  kind) on – A Day in the Life, Government/Public Interest, Law Career Search,
                                  At the Firm, Alternative Careers, JD Profiles, Law School Tips and Legal
Vault Law Online Career Library

                                  End of Tutorial
                                    THANK YOU FOR COMPLETING THE VAULT TUTORIAL!!

                                        THE FOLLOWING PAGES CONTAIN ADDITIONAL
Vault Law Online Career Library

                                      INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR VAULT ONLINE CAREER
                                                       LIBRARY 

                                  Security Options
                                  There are 3 different security options (can not combine options) to choose from depending on how your school‟s site is
                                      set up. We need to protect the Vault page from general access by any user. It should be restricted to students
                                      from your school only. We plan on doing this by asking you, the school, to place the link to our Vault Online
                                      Career Library in a password protected area on your website that students have access to. Now, some schools
                                      might not have a password protected area already on their site. So, here‟s where you decide what option will
                                      work for you.
Vault Law Online Career Library

                                  Option 1 (default):
                                  Students are sent temporary passwords for the library via email. We will only send passwords to university domain names in order to verify
                                        and not to personal domain names such as hotmail, yahoo, AOL, etc. Currently, the domain name on file is “”,
                                        if your university has additional domain names please send them to me.
                                  1. Once they receive the password, they can access the content in the Vault Online Library.
                                  2. The e-mailed passwords change every 24hrs; each day a student wishes to use the library, he/she will retrieve a new password.
                                  3. Please note that passwords will only be sent to current students, faculty and staff. We can not send passwords to alumni unless your
                                        contract includes alumni access.
                                  4. This option allows for accessibility from remote locations

                                  Option 2: For schools that already HAVE A PASSWORD PROTECTED AREA that students log onto. If your school already has a password
                                        protected area that students can access, we can easily make the library secure by having your webmaster link to your library from that
                                  1. On the Vault page we check where the students are coming from. (i.e. - What was the URL of the page they were on before they got to the
                                        Vault page? This is called the referring URL.)
                                  2. The referring URL will either start with http:// or https://
                                  3. Once we find out what the referring URL is we then compare it to the URL of the actual page that you put the Vault link on and if they match
                                        up then the student is allowed through. If not, they are sent to a custom error page with the option to email for
                                  4. DO NOT put any javascript in the library link in order to avoid accessibility issues.
                                  5. This option allows for accessibility from remote locations

                                  Option 3: For schools that use IP addresses as a form of security, our system also works with IP recognition, which monitors whether
                                       students are accessing the library from the proper IP ranges supplied by the client.
                                  1. Send me the IP ranges of computers which students will be accessing the library
                                  2.   This option does NOT allow accessibility from remote locations unless specified in school issued IP range.

                                     If you have questions or would like to change your security set up, please contact Sara Madsen , Client Services Coordinator,
24                                                                         , 646.792.6351
                                  Helpful Contacts
                                  Questions regarding maintenance of online library (security, logo changes, website changes, etc.):
                                  Sara Madsen, Client Services Coordinator
                                  Direct Line: 646.792.6351
                                  Main Fax 646.349.9644
Vault Law Online Career Library

                                  Availability: Monday thru Friday 9:30am – 6:30pm (EST)

                                  Questions regarding Adobe PDF guides or accessibility issues:
                                  Customer Service
                                  Direct Line: 212.366.4212
                                  Availability: Monday thru Friday 9:30am – 6:30pm (EST)

                                  Sales Questions (quotes to add alumni/additional students, GOLD membership, bulk book orders, etc.):
                                  Noelle Ebright
                                  Direct Line: 212.366.4212 x 282
                                  Main Fax 646.349.9644
                                  Availability: Monday thru Friday 9:30am – 6:30pm (EST)

                                  Order guides online:
                                  Customer Service
                                  Main Fax 646.349.9644

                                  Vault’s mailing address:
                                  150 West 22nd Street, 5th Floor

25                                NY, NY 10011
                                  Additional Products and Services
                                  Vault GOLD nationwide first person surveys give highly-detailed, first-hand accounts of
                                  the hiring, salary, responsibilities and other facets of actual jobs (for example: “Business
                                  Managing Consultant, AT Kearney, in Chicago”).
                                  GOLD Membership includes:
Vault Law Online Career Library

                                  • 30,000+ separate reports of 3,000+ companies worldwide (and hundreds more added
                                  each week) covering:
                                  • Workplace culture, advancement opportunities and diversity
                                  • Hiring and interview process
                                  • Salary and other compensation (benefits, bonuses, etc.)
                                  • Business Outlook
                                  • 1,000+ extended employer snapshots for companies in all industries

                                  Additional Products and Services
                                  For more information about adding Vault
                                  GOLD to your Online Career Library,
                                  please contact your account
                                  Noelle Ebright
Vault Law Online Career Library

                                  212.366.4212 x 282

                                  Additional Products and Services
                                  If you would like a Vault Bookshelf
                                  order form faxed or emailed,
                                  please contact your account
                                  Noelle Ebright
Vault Law Online Career Library

                                  212.366.4212 x 282

                                  “What a relief. No more checking in and out of materials, or chasing down stolen copies of reports. Students can now access
                                      Vault reports anytime, anywhere via the web. And we are the heroes, because we now provide such a valuable resource to
                                      our students on a well organized, easy to access site and it costs them nothing. The information provided is a must read for
                                      anyone preparing for an interview.”
                                      -- Tom Kozicki, USC Marshall School of Business

                                  " "I want to reiterate that the Vault Online Library truly is an incredible career resource for our current students.“
Vault Law Online Career Library

                                        -- Kathi To, NYU Stern School of Business

                                  “Our students have found the Vault Career Centre an excellent addition to their researching tools. At a time when the
                                       independent job search will be the key to finding a position, this additional resource, is timely and has been well received
                                       here at London Business School.”
                                       -- Chris Bristow, London Business School

                                  “We are getting lots of good feedback from our students on having access to Vault - they love it!”
                                      -- Toni Della-Ratta, Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business

                                  “This is our first year using the Vault Online Career Library and we truly believe it is such a valuable resource for our
                                        students. Students are able to research specific careers, employers, and industries, as well as view career advice articles,
                                        sample cover letter and resumes, and interview information...all in one place! As a career center professional, the Industry
                                        Career Guides that can be downloaded are my favorite resource. I am also impressed by the list of universities that use the
                                        Vault Online Library.”
                                        -- Jeremy Fisher, Creighton University

                                  “It's critical for a successful job applicant to be well informed about the job market, practice areas and employers.
                                         offers a super tool to help job seekers get up to speed quickly on a range of topics.”
                                         -- Sari Zimmerman, University of California, Hastings College of Law

                                  “Vault is the one of the first resources we point students to for career and industry advice- both students and counselors are
                                       always pleased with the content. The Vault team has been great to work with- always responsive when questions come
                                       up. Thank you and keep up the good work!”
                                       -- Michelle DeRosa, Babson Undergraduate Center for Career Development

                                  Testimonials (cont.)
                                  “ is incredible. We have been introduced to immense opportunities for recruiting on the internet as a result of their
                                       dedication to our business. Their service is first rate and I could not have asked for a better partner.“
                                       -- Tricia M. Pagano, Recruiting Coordinator, Strategy & Business Development Group, American Express Company

                                  “After using Vault I was able to exude a lot more confidence during interviews because I felt like I knew what I was talking about
                                        rather than memorizing useless information. To illustrate how helpful both the guides and snapshots are, take my offer from
                                        Deustche Bank for example. I, an Economics major (with no accounting background) have accepted to join Deutsche Bank
Vault Law Online Career Library

                                        for the summer with their Controlling Division which is primarily an accounting job. I was able to ace the interview by
                                        reading the guides pertaining to both the firm and the nature of the job.”
                                       -- Rutgers’ student

                                  Vault is…a “killer app” (New York Times), “vastly popular” (NPR), and full of “fun, edgy reads” (Forbes). Most importantly, Vault
                                        is “the best place on the Web to prepare for a job search” (Fortune).

                                  "Firsthand accounts by successful professionals in the field are an important part of the guides... These guides make for
                                        excellent starting points for job hunters and should be purchased by academic libraries for their career sections. University
                                        career centers should have them on their shelves."
                                        -- Library Journal (2003)

                                  “Across the board, delivers in all areas of „what makes a job site good.‟ What sets apart…is its extensive
                                       company information, including insider reports and discussion forums by and for people you really work at the
                                       companies…it‟s an excellent way to find out whether you fit with the corporate climate and to establish networking contacts.
                                       Overall, I give this site a „two thumbs way up!‟ [Vault is] a fast and smart job seeker‟s paradise.”
                                       -- The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Finding Your Dream Job Online

                                  “I think your guide to America‟s Top 50 Law Firms is terrific. I don‟t know how I made up my mind 50 years ago without some
                                         comparable help.”
                                         -- Warren Christopher, Partner, O’Melveny & Myers, Former U.S. Secretary of State

                                  “Vault has winner on its hands. Recommended for libraries and institutions providing career research support…a
                                       comprehensive source for all career-related informational needs.”
                                      -- Library Journal (2002)

30                                “Internet ignoring employers beware: [] is so useful, if you're not paying attention, you are idiotic.”
                                        -- Scott Williams, Partner, McKinsey & Company, Quoted in U.S. News & World Report