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									Rancho Andalucia
~Breeding Contract~
Mare owner(s) hereby confirm(s) the reservation for stud service in the year 20__ for the pure Spanish Andalusian stallion Urgel III (Danes III x Maja VII), IALHA # 4749 (S), Spanish Codigo # 190101002004249,owned by Christa & Dieter Probson of 10997 Friendship Rd, Pilot Point, Texas, and standing at the above address. Name of mare:_____________________________ IALHA #_________________

Codigo #_____________________, Age:___, Sire:______________________________ Dam:________________________, Previous breedings: Yes____ No____ Year:______

1. The 20__ stallion service fee is US $ 2,000.00 for purebred Andalusian mares, and US $ 1,000.00 for all non-Andalusian mares, which includes a US $ 400.00 non-refundable booking fee due on return of this contract. The balance of the stud service fee is due at the time of the breeding in the year 20__.

2. Breeding is available either via live cover or via artificial insemination.The mare owner is responsible for all veterinary costs associated with preparing the mare for breeding and all normal collection costs incurred in collecting the stallion, preparing the semen and any costs for shipping and return of the container by FedEx/UPS. A boarding fee of US $ 15.00 per day will be charged for mare care if the mare is left at Rancho Andalucia for live cover breeding.

3. Mare owner agrees to secure the services of a qualified licensed veterinarian for above named mare, preferably one who is skilled in the technique of ultrasound, as this is a valuable tool for pinpointing the time of ovulation. Any examinations deemed necessary to determine the pregnant state are the expense of the mare owner, including the routine practice of biopsy, culture and necessary treatment if the mare fails to conceive after breeding on two heat cycles.

4. Mare owner will obtain a satisfactory pronouncement from the equine veterinarian that the mare is in good breeding condition, to include a negative culture.

5. Live foal guarantee:Should this mare not deliver a live foal, defined as one that

survives seventy-two (72) hours, as certified in writing by a licensed equine veterinarian, within one week of such determination and provided to owner in writing within thirty (30) days of the death of such foal, stallion owner will provide a rebreeding to this mare or a replacement mare of the owner’s choice within the next twelve (12) months. Stallion owner agrees to rebreed at no additional stud fee. There will be additional fees for collection of semen and shipping. The responsibility for the charge for semen collection, etc. (see#2) belongs to the mare owner. The breeding fee is not refundable. This live foal guarantee is dependent on a series of inoculations against Rhinopneumonitis for the mare in the 5 th, 7th, and 9 th months of pregnancy.

6. If either the stallion or the mare should die or become unfit for service or breeding prior to the servicing, this contract is or shall be null and void. Should the stallion or the mare die or become unbreedable after the insemination and no live foal results, this contract is transferable to another Rancho Andalucia stallion or another mare of the mare owner’s choosing, whichever is applicable.

7. The stallion owner assumes all risk for any loss or damage to his/her stallion and similarly the mare owner assumes all risk of loss or damage to his/her mare and /or foal. Each is responsible for insuring against such loss at his/her discretion. Rancho Ancalucia agrees to exercise customary care in caring for the mare_____________, owned by _______________________. Owner of the mare agrees that Rancho Andalucia will not be held responsible for any accident, injury, or death of mare or foal while in the care at Rancho Andalucia, or as a result of breeding. Efforts will be made to contact owner in case of an emergency, but failing immediate contact owner authorizes Rancho Andalucia to attempt necessary emergency treatment by a licensed veterinarian at the expense of the mare owner.

8. The mare owner is hereby notified that all Rancho Andalucia stallions are pure Spanish and registered with the International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association and also registered in the Spanish PRE ANCCE Stud Book, formerly the Cria Caballar. Foals conceived by artificial insemination are eligible for inclusion in IALHA registry, but pure Spanish foals so conceived are not currently eligible for inclusion in the Spanish studbook.

9. This contract for breeding cannot be sold, transferred or assigned by the mare owner without written agreement by the stallion owner. In the event the mare is sold, no refund of booking fee or stud fee will be made.

10..Mare Owner(s)___________________________________________________

Address:________________________________________________________ Email:__________________________________________________________ Phone#:___________________________________________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ _________________________ Date:_________ _________________________ Date:_________

Stallion Owner(s):

______________________________________________Date:_____________ Christa Probson or Dieter Probson

Please sign and return with payment made out to Rancho Andalucia. Return to: Rancho Andalucia Christa and Dieter Probson 10997 Friendship Rd, Pilot Point, Tx 76258 Phone 940.686.0910 ranchoandalucia@earthlink.net www.ranchoandalucia.com

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