Certificate for Construction Observation (to accompany final

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					Certificate for Construction Observation (to accompany final construction guarantee release) STATE OF ILLINOIS COUNTY OF KANE I, _______________________________________, hereby certify that I have
(Name of Professional Engineer)

regularly observed the installation of ______________________________________________________________ (water mains, sanitary sewers, storm sewers, earth embankment, roadway base, etc.) on the project known as __________________________________.
(Name of project)

During the progress of construction as follows: 1. We have found the material used and workmanship performed to be acceptable. 2. We have not allowed any defective materials or poor workmanship on the project. 3. We have observed and found acceptable the completed construction before backfilling of underground water and sewer utilities, before placement of roadway or embankment fill material, and before placement of roadway base, curb and bituminous concrete materials. 4. The completed construction is acceptable and will function in substantial conformance with the design intent of the accepted plans and specifications. 5. We have not knowingly allowed any violation of the terms and conditions of the Kane County Development permit and the Kane County Road Construction permit or any Federal, State, or Local laws, Rules and Regulations and Ordinances applicable to the project. Signature______________________ Title __________________________ Date__________________________ Illinois Registration No. ___________ Expiration Date_________________