ZipMail compression for Lotus Notes by variablepitch334


									ZipMail Client V8
For Lotus Notes
Automatic and transparent Zip compression and decompression for Lotus Notes attached files
ZipMail Client v8 for Lotus Notes adds transparent Zip attached file compression features to the Lotus Notes client. Once ZipMail is installed, the files attached by the users to their Lotus Notes messages and documents get automatically and transparently compressed into Zip files, saving huge amounts of network bandwidth and disk space. Zip compression of the attached files occurs automatically and transparently on the client computer, before the files are attached to the messages. There is nothing to install on your Domino servers. ZipMail also provides fully integrated automatic and transparent decompression of Lotus Notes attached Zip files. By significantly reducing the size of your email attachments, ZipMail reduces your messaging costs while increasing the performance of your email servers and networks. ZipMail is one of the fastest, cleanest and easiest ways to reduce your total cost of Lotus Notes ownership. More details: All of the multi-year Notes compression experience of MK Net.Work in a single 220 KB DLL file: ZipMail benefits from the multi-year experience of MK Net.Work in providing advanced compression solutions for Notes organizations (more than 3 Million users worldwide) condensed in a single High-Tech 200 KB DLL File! Transparent and instant Zip compression of Lotus Notes attached files: attach your files as usual, click the File / Attach menu or hit the Paperclip button of your Lotus Notes client, your selected files get instantly compressed into Zip files before being attached to your Notes messages or documents. All is automatic, no additional action is required. Transparent and instant Zip decompression is also included! Extensive support of Drag & Drop: Drag & drop files and folders on your Notes messages and documents, they all get instantly compressed by ZipMail into a Zip file that is then attached automatically! Zip standard and AES Encryption and Decryption: ZipMail provides the full support of the Zip standard encryption and of the AES (AES 128, AES 192 and AES 256) encryption. ZipMail can be configured to display a password field in the attached file selection dialog of the Lotus Notes client, enabling the users to optionally password-protect and encrypt their compressed Zip files. Password rules can be defined to force the users to enter passwords having a minimum length and including a minimum number of numeral digits. When opening a Zip encrypted attached file (whatever is its encryption type), the ZipMail transparent decompression feature displays a dialog enabling the user to enter the Zip file password. Access to the encrypted Zip file is granted only if the right password is provided. No Lotus Notes Template modification: ZipMail does not require your Lotus Notes Templates to be modified. ZipMail is 100% independent of the Lotus Notes Templates and can also work with non-email databases. ZipMail Security Pack: ZipMail includes the ZipMail Security Pack to protect your users against the execution or opening of unsafe Notes attached files (compressed or not) like .exe, .com, .bat etc… You can define your own list of unsafe file types (a complete list of unsafe file types is provided in the ZipMail help file). ZipMail is a product of MK Net.Work, For more information on ZipMail, and other Lotus Notes optimization software offered:

Each time a user attaches a file in Lotus Notes, ZipMail transparently and automatically compresses this file into a Zip file. Since attached files are responsible for up to 95% of the Notes organization traffic (and thus storage), ZipMail will reduce your needs for Lotus Notes related network bandwidth and disk space by 35% to 50% or even more.

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