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									Introduction and user guide
                   Introduction and user guide

11   The CityPlan
11   Plan purpose
11   User guide
11   Written Statement
13   Proposals Map
13   City wide Proposals Map
13   Commitments
13   Allocations
13   Area based policies and proposals
13   Established areas where significant change is unlikely
13   Primary Route Network
13   Citywide policies
13   City Centre Inset Map
13   Supplementary Planning Guidance
13   Glossary
14   Authors’ note

Hull CityPlan        Written Statement          Adopted May 2000
                                        Introduction and user guide

THE CITYPLAN                                                     The City has exciting opportunities as the Northern
                                                                 Gateway to Europe and the centre of a dynamic sub-
1.1 The City of Hull is the main focus of the Humber
                                                                 region. The CityPlan takes a positive view of how these
area, an important commercial and industrial centre
                                                                 opportunities can be realised.
and a major national port. The Port of Hull has regular
links with Europe and the rest of the world and is a
                                                                 USER GUIDE
major point of entry with over 1 million ferry passengers
a year. The national and local economy is emerging               1.5     The CityPlan is laid out to make policies and
from a major recession, and economic recovery                    proposals as accessible as possible. It comprises:
coupled with growth in European trade will create                 • a Written Statement (this document);
pressures for development. The City Council prepared
                                                                  • a Proposals Map for the whole City including a
the CityPlan to guide development to the year 2006
                                                                       City Centre Inset map; and
and provide a framework for managing change and
                                                                  • Supplementary Planning Guidance Notes.
promoting growth. The CityPlan will affect the lives of
most residents and other people who work in or visit
the City.
                                                                 WRITTEN STATEMENT
Plan purpose
1.2 Local Planning Authorities are legally required to           1.6     Part I of the Written Statement includes the

prepare district wide Development Plans. For the City,           Introduction and User Guide and provides the context

the Development Plan is the relevant parts of the                and strategy for the CityPlan’s policies.

Humberside Structure Plan, setting out strategic policy          1.7 Part II contains the 14 chapters shown in figure
for the former County as a whole; and the CityPlan,              1.1     These chapters set out policy to guide
containing detailed policies and proposals broadly               development, either for the whole City or for smaller
conforming to the Structure Plan. The CityPlan brings            areas, and make specific land use proposals. Policies
together planning policies and proposals into one                and proposals are supported by strategic aims,
document, and replaces the existing Development Plan             objectives, background summaries and justification.
(approved 1954) and its subsequent amendments,                   Policies and proposals are shown highlighted and in
informal local plans, and large scale planning briefs.           bold print.

1.3 The CityPlan is an important document because                1.8 The first chapter in Part II sets out general policy
all development proposals are decided according to               applied to all development and underlines the
its provisions, unless very good reasons are given for           requirement to prepare planning briefs guiding the
an alternative approach.                                         development of larger or more sensitive sites. This

1.4 The CityPlan achieves its strategy and objectives            chapter also outlines the means of implementing and

by providing a clear framework to guide development.             monitoring policies and the resources likely to be

The CityPlan’s main concerns are land use and change             available over the CityPlan period.

and the physical environment, although social and                1.9      The second group of chapters comprises
economic considerations are taken into account. The              Managing the environment, Urban regeneration,
CityPlan promotes regeneration, sustainable and                  Natural environment, Built environment and
appropriate development if these are complementary               Movement. These are topic based. However, in
to improving the existing built and open environment.            general, the policies within them relate to all areas of

                     Hull CityPlan                   Adopted May 2000
                    Hull CityPlan Written Statement Adopted May 2000
                                        Introduction and user guide

the City and later chapters.                                     1.15 In most cases, the first policy of each chapter
1.10 The third group of chapters comprises Housing,              identifies the general criteria used in judging
Employment, Shopping, Community facilities and                   development proposals. All other policies within the
Tourism. These are topic based and, in general,                  chapter will comply with this first policy. More specific
policies relate to particular land uses.                         policies and proposals and their justifications relating
                                                                 to that topic follow on within the chapter.
1.11   The City Centre chapter is concerned with a
particular area of the City and, in general, policies are        1.16 If related to specific areas or sites, these policies
derived from those in other chapters. It identifies Areas        and proposals are shown, allocated or designated on
of Potential Change and Key Development Sites.                   the CityPlan Proposals Map.

1.12 The Kingswood and Docklands chapters each                   1.17 In addition, each chapter has a summary of the
deal with a specific area of the City and the policies           main ways in which policies and proposals are to be
are often based on those in other chapters. They                 implemented. Policies are inter-related and it is
identify and promote development opportunities.                  important that the Written Statement, Maps and
                                                                 Supplementary Planning Guidance Notes are read as
1.13 Most chapters follow a common format with an
                                                                 a whole.
introduction which considers trends and reviews, and
national, strategic and current City Council policies.
1.14 Many chapters include figures within the text.
These figures are diagrammatic and do not prevail over
the provisions of the Proposals Map.

 Figure 1.1: Written Statement Part II Chapters
 General policies, implementation, monitoring and review – Contains policies relevant to all other chapters
 Managing the environment
 Urban regeneration
                                                                 Contain mainly topic based policies which provide
 Natural environment
                                                                 guidance for other chapters listed below
 Built environment

                                                                 Contain a mixture of topic based and area based
 Community facilities

 City Centre                                                     Contains mainly area based policies

                                                                 Contain area based policies

                     Hull CityPlan         Written Statement                Adopted May 2000
                                       Introduction and user guide

PROPOSALS MAP                                                   because of the large variety of uses. Major community
                                                                facility uses to be retained, such as the universities,
1.18 The Proposals Map comprises:
                                                                hospitals and prison are defined.
 • 1:   15,000 scale map showing policies and
                                                                Primary Route Network
   proposals relating to the whole City (except the
   City Centre); and                                            1.24 For information, the Primary Route Network is
                                                                shown uncoloured.
 • 1: 5,000 scale ‘Inset map’ showing policies and
   proposals for the City Centre.                               City wide policies

Citywide Proposals Map                                          1.25 General policies relating to City wide development,
                                                                land use or activities are not shown on the Proposals
1.19 The Proposals Map contains several different
                                                                Map, but are listed by chapter in the key.
types of guidance and advice.
                                                                City Centre Inset Map
                                                                1.26 The 1: 5,000 scale reflects the complex patterns
1.20 Commitments for specific areas are shown in a
                                                                of land use in the City Centre. The City Centre Inset
medium tone. The principal use is identified, such as
                                                                Map sets out:
housing, employment, shopping and Urban
Greenspace. Committed sites have a valid planning                • allocations and proposals for specific areas and
permission and are shown for information only.                     transportation schemes;

                                                                 • area based policies and proposals;
1.21    Allocations are shown in stronger tones. As
                                                                 • Key Development Sites; and
with ‘commitments’ above, the principal use is                   • Areas of Potential Change.
identified. Allocated sites do not have a valid planning
consent, but may have been the subject of informal              SUPPLEMENTARY PLANNING
planning guidance in the past.                                  GUIDANCE
Area based policies and proposals                               1.27 The Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG)
1.22    Area based policies and proposals include               Notes set out the City Council’s standards and design
elements of the CityPlan that refer to specific areas           requirements for a wide variety of development. SPG
rather than the whole City and include Regeneration             Notes are subject to the same consultation and
Priority Areas, Tourism Action Areas, Areas of                  preparation process as the Written Statement and
Archaeological Interest, Conservation Areas and the             Proposals Maps. Unlike the policies and proposals
Flood Defence Line. They are shown with lines or                contained in these documents, SPG Notes have not
hatching.                                                       been formally adopted.

Established areas where significant change
is unlikely
1.23 These are areas of generally similar land use              1.28 Producing the CityPlan is a statutory requirement
that are unlikely to change significantly over the plan         of the City Council as the Local Planning Authority and
period to 2006 and whose character is protected are             although we have tried to use normal everyday English,
shown in pale tones on the Proposals Map. The City              inevitably a number of technical terms and expressions
Centre Inset Map does not identify similar areas                are used. There is a comprehensive glossary to help

                     Hull CityPlan                   Adopted May 2000
                    Hull CityPlan Written Statement Adopted May 2000
                                       Introduction and user guide

explain them at the back of the Written Statement. In
addition, certain technical expressions are defined at
the beginning of a number of chapters, if such terms
and expressions are used to justify specific policies.

1.29    Preparing the CityPlan has been a lengthy
process and some of the information contained in this
document is now out of date. Examples of this are the
lists of key agencies and consultees involved in
implementing Plan policies. Similarly, since the Plan’s
adoption in May 2000, new national policies and
planning guidance have been introduced reflecting the
Government’s modernising agenda and commitment
to more sustainable forms of development. To update
the CityPlan to reflect new information at the time the
Plan was adopted would have been extremely
complicated and delayed its publication and availability
to the public.

                    Hull CityPlan         Written Statement     Adopted May 2000

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