Flow Cytometry Tutorial Abstract by techmaster


									Solving Challenges in Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry is one of the most powerful tools for quantitating the expression
of individual cellular characteristics and demonstrating the unique effects of
treatment on individual cells in a heterogeneous population. In this presentation,
we will focus on how the flow cytometer instrument specifications can be
understood and manipulated to result in the most flexible platform yielding the
easiest to distinguish data.

We will discuss simple fluorophore selections for multiplexing as well as covalent
and affinity-based reagents (Zenon) for pre-labeling your primary antibodies. I
will present data for the detection of multiple antigens simultaneously in the same
detector by molar ratio variance using the Zenon technology. We will also
discuss novel reagents for apoptosis detection, the most important of which
allows for the multiplexing of two markers for apoptosis and a necrotic marker. I
will also introduce a new easier to use alternative to JC-1. Lastly, we will discuss
some underused applications in flow cytometry, including calcium indication.

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