Understand the structure and conventions of different text types by variablepitch339


									Targeted Benchmark: Understand the structure and conventions of different text types and use this knowledge as needed.

Sample question - You are in hospital after a car accident Although you are not seriously injured, you won't be allowed home for a few days. Write a letter to a friend who has a key to your house, explaining what happened and asking him to keep an eye on things. Ward 3, Rabin Hospital, Petach Tikva. September 2, 2002 Dear Dan, As you can see from the address, I'm in hospital at the moment. I was in an accident last night. But don't worry, it's nothing serious' and with a bit of luck, I should be out in a few days. It all happened last night when I was on my way back from Anat's place. I had just driven through Ayalon when another car came round much too fast , skidded and crashed into me. Luckily someone came along soon afterwards and phoned for an ambulance which brought us here. I'm not sure how badly injured the other driver is, but I think he's OK. I have a broken knee, but apart from that and a few cuts and bruises, I'm all right I wonder if you could do me a favor? I left the house in a bit of a hurry, and I might have left some lights on. Do you think you could go round and check that everything's ok? I really would be very grateful. Do let me know if there are any problems. Hope to see you soon, Yours, Dave

Write a letter of request on the subject below: While on holiday abroad, your passport and money were stolen. Write a letter to your parents or a friend asking for help.

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