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									Primavera Tech-Tip of the Month Importing Primavera 6.0 .XER project files into Primavera 5.0 Schedulers and Project Stake Holders are required to collaborate data on a regular basis. While both share common goals, the key players are often times submitting, reviewing and updating schedules in uncommon formats. Primavera 5.0 users have been forced to face the issue of being unable to easily import P6 schedules…until now. Click to read the full solution….. Backwards compatibility can be a frustrating and time intensive issue to deal with. Ultimately the cost of time falls on your shoulders, where days and sometimes just minutes of delay can cause a schedule to fall behind plan. The last thing you need to worry about is your software’s inability to seamlessly convert similar data into a readable format. However, since the release of P6, this is exactly the issue faced by users of Primavera 5.0. A direct XER import from P6 is not supported by P5. Primavera 6.0 can only export projects to Contractor 5.0 XER format. Here, we provide you with the workaround;

Error: "A version 6.0.0 XER file cannot be imported"

1. Export or request to receive the schedule in “Primavera Contractor 5.0 XER format.

2. Import the Primavera Contractor 5.0 XER into P5. You will now have access to the P6 schedule in P5. NOTE: All P6 Global/Enterprise project information will export to the Primavera Contractor 5.0 XER format. EPS level activity codes are not exported to the Contractor XER and will not follow the schedule to P5 due to Contractor conversion issues. Future “Planning Buckets” are also not imported because this feature is not supported in P5. Primavera Contractor does not need to be installed for this work around to be successful. What about exporting multiple XER’S into one file? To export multiple XER’S into one file, follow these simple steps 1. In P6, open all projects that are going to be exported.

2. Choose to export to the Primavera PM/XER format.

3. Complete the export. 4. Right click on the exported file, select “Open With” and choose “Notepad”.

5. In the notepad, rename “6.0” to “5.0”.

You will now be able to import multiple XER’S as one file into P5.

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