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									Facilitated Management Meetings

Overview & Features:
If you are finding your monthly or quarterly management meetings lack power and strategic outcomes, consider using us to facilitate them for you. The Facilitated Management Meeting product can be used to provide an organization with a structured management meeting. While the design of the product is for quarterly meetings, the format can also be used for monthly or bi-monthly meetings. Each meeting may have a theme to ensure focus is maintained and strategic outcomes are achieved. Some of the themes are listed below: Diagnostic. WHERE are we NOW? Vision. WHERE do we want to go? Profit. HOW do we efficiently use our resources? Growth. HOW can we generate products and sales? Products. HOW do we balance our product strategy?

You will experience concentrated and focussed time to work on your business rather than in your business. Include your key management team as a means of extending ownership for the outcomes you want to achieve. Through open and honest discussions, you will initiate change within your organization that is grounded on the foundation of your knowledge and expertise. Benefits include: Access to "best practice" tools and processes Specific measurable outcomes Link to your overall business strategy

We will meet with you in advance to discuss your business, top issues and goals. Next, you will make a decision as to whether you want monthly or quarterly facilitated management meetings. Focussed to move the team towards accountable results we create through the One-Page Plan which captures specific action items to be completed by agreed dates.
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