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To: Gary Fern, Executive Director Board of Directors From: Lisa L. Breeden, Finance Director Date: June 8, 2006 Re: Changes to Customer Billing Statements

For your review, comments, and/or additional suggestions, I have included a sample of the most recent statement mailed to our customer at 57 Court Place. This sample incorporates some of the suggestions discussed in previous Board meetings: • Charge descriptions and amounts have been expanded; charges are displayed by rate level; usage is displayed by charge/rate level – for example, this customer used 2200 gallons at level 3 (Water Remainder∗ $6.56: 2200). Meter information has been columned to improve readability and to accommodate auxiliary or exclusion meter data. We are still working on providing secondary meter information, but our intent is to display this information in a column to the right of the primary meter information. We are, at this time, unable to graphically display usage at each level.




“Remainder” is used in the charge calculation to denote all charges over a certain level; in this case all water over 6,000 gallons. Sewer is billed at one level, the remainder level. We are, at this time, unable to change that description.