12 SMS Marketing by variablepitch339


									Top 12 SMS Mar keting Tips

1. People are now more likely to communicate by text than any other medium. This is especially relevant when communicating with younger prospects; make sure they know they can contact you by text anytime. 2. Text messaging can help you establish your brand so that prospects identify the brand as their chosen product or service. 3. If you use a shortcode remember to add that the rate that the text is charged on all marketing pieces – shortcodes are easy to remember but they are associated with premium rate charges. 4. Are the keywords incorporated in the company stationary, website and integrated with all of the usual response mechanisms in your marketing literature? Just like a web address a text in number is becoming an essential communication medium. 5. Text in numbers have been incorporated into advertisements on buses, posters, magazines, leaflets, radio, cinema adverts and competitions with prizes such as ipods. Prize draws have been particularly good for collecting valuable contact details. 6. Enter into partnerships with other local businesses and service providers to promote the text in number and extend your brand. 7. Ask your customers to save your dedicated number as the company text in number in their mobile phone’s address book, ask them to text their name in if they want you to text them about events, special offers, etc. Reassure them by making sure you tell customers how to unsubscribe – text “STOP” to the number. 8. “Keep Warm” campaigns targeting prospects are a good way of collecting contact details and building a rapport. A dialogue can then be initiated through the texting application. Thanks for expressing interest, special offers, price deadlines, etc. 9. Measure your results. You can organise data into as many groups as you want based on any criteria you want: different keywords for different campaigns, enabling you to analyse which ways of advertising are the most successful. 10. Each conversion is precious – successfully converting 1 single contact to a sale more than covers the cost of the licence and messages for a year. 11. Complete the communication loop by responding to opted in mailing lists and initiate key messages. 12. Create weekly or regular support messages as part of the keep warm campaign or quote of the week.

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