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Supporting The Guiding Principles for the Provision of Services to Individuals with Developmental Disabilities:
Committee, in conjunction with Commissioner John Stephen and Matthew Ertas, Bureau Director, has been working to identify the resources necessary to effect this change and is committed to doing so. Passage of this bill will have a monumental impact on the quality of life for the many individuals who are currently waiting for services and for those who will need services in the future. The latest Waiting List figures reported September 30, 2006 indicate that 213 adults, whose needs are considered priority 1, are currently waiting for DD or ABD services. This number will increase each year based on an average projected figure of 105 individuals turning 21, moving to our state, or whose needs have changed and will need adult services. Without the commitment of necessary funding, by the end of the next biennium, almost 500 adults could be on “waiting lists”, waiting for the assistance they need. — Jane Dichard

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A bill was passed last June that amends state law RSA 171A:1 Purpose and Policy to include reference to the following guiding principles upon which the Department of Health and Human Services’ comprehensive array of services should be based: Participation of people with developmental disabilities and their families in decisions concerning necessary, desirable, and appropriate services, recognizing that they are best able to determine their own needs; Services that offer comprehensive, responsive and flexible support as individual and family needs evolve over time; Individual and family services based on full participation in the community, sharing ordinary places, developing meaningful relationships, and learning things that are useful, as well as enhancing the social and economic status of persons served; Services that are relevant to the individual’s age, abilities, and life goals, including support for gainful employment that maximizes the individual’s potential for self-sufficiency and independence; Services based on individual choice, satisfaction, safety, and positive outcomes; Services provided by competent, appropriately trained and compensated staff. This year our recently elected house and senate representatives and our Governor will be asked to stand behind those principles and commit the financial resources necessary to eliminate the need for adults to “wait” for vital services. The legislative Waiting List Oversight

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Region 10 Board of Directors
On October 12th, the Region 10 Board of Directors held its Annual Meeting and celebrated the agency’s 27th year providing services within our local communities. The Board as a whole was asked to rededicate themselves and to raise their personal level of service toward achieving excellence as an organization. Board members Lorraine Butler, Jim Dickerson and Cathy Spinney were re-elected to new three year terms of office. Two longtime Board members recently tendered their resignations with regrets. Charlie Kamitian of Pelham served Region 10 as a Board member for 17 years and will continue to offer his support to the mission of the agency. Amy Simon of Hampstead, a member of the Board for 20 years and most recent Board President, served in many capacities over the years. The Board and the entire organization thank them for their years of dedicated service. At the November 9th meeting, the Board elected a new Board President, Cathy Spinney and Vice


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Region 10 Board of Directors
(towns they represent)

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Cathy Spinney, President
( Pelham)

Ken Ferriera, Vice President Barbara Strzykalski, Treasurer

Ed Adamsky, Esq (Pelham)
Lynn Aboujaoude (Pelham)

President, Ken Ferreira who will serve the remainder of the terms ending October 2007. The office of Board Secretary is yet to be filled. Our newest Board member, Ed Adamsky from Pelham joined the Board in September and has completed the initial phases of Board orientation and is quickly becoming an active participant. Welcome Ed! The Board continues to actively seek new members. We’re in the midst of doing important work and invite anyone who is interested in making a difference to contact Jane Dichard at Region 10 and request an application. A listing of all current Board members appears in a column in “Connections” and the dates and times of Board meetings are listed in the Calendar on the back page each month.

Thanks to the efforts of many dedicated volunteers, our local chapter of Serve New England (the Region 10/SARC Food Cooperative) is up and running! This program is open to anyone—the only stipulation is that you volunteer 2 hours of community service during the month that you make a purchase. Here are some ways that you can volunteer: • Your local Serve Chapter • Church, library, hospital or animal shelter • Nursing homes, senior citizen centers • Schools or Daycare Centers • Scout groups, YMCA, Food Pantry • Civic or Community Organization • Babysitting for friends or neighbors • Transportation or Running Errands Volunteering in your local community makes you eligible to purchase reduced cost, first quality meat, vegetables and produce packages each month. You’ll be amazed at the discounts----and just how easy it is to participate. To learn more about our local chapter of Serve New England, visit our website at: and click on the Food Cooperative link. Join the thousands across New England who participate in this program and begin saving today! ---Chris Roy

Lorraine Butler

Jim Dickerson, DMD

Joseph Durant Kathy Murphy (Salem) Joan Sabatini

have tried to improve upon our tournament, to make it the best tournament from the player’s standpoint while also generating as much revenue as possible to benefit individuals and families. In total, the Golf Tournaments since 1990 have generated over $167,000 that has been used to provide assistance to individuals and their families. We know that there are tournaments everywhere, every day of the week, so we greatly appreciate the fact that our golfers, contributors, sponsors and volunteers pick our tournament to support! So many people connected to our tournament have been with us for many years; some since the first tournament! We are so fortunate to have such good friends of Region 10! Their support makes a huge difference! September 14th was a great day for Region 10’s 17th Annual Golf Challenge! Over the years we haven’t always had the very best of weather (that is an understatement), and we’ve even golfed in an actual hurricane. But this year the rain held off (except for a few sprinkles)… so our 140 golfers and volunteers remained dry (for the most part) and everyone was greatly appreciative of that fact! As always, our Tournament had a whole community of support behind it…individuals and businesses that sponsored, contributed, volunteered or helped us in some way. And best of all, we raised almost $15,000 which will be used to respond to requests from individuals and families throughout the year to help them in a variety of ways that Region 10’s budget cannot support. What a success story! On behalf of Region 10, the Golf Committee and everyone who will benefit, thank you for your generous support!

Eagle Sponsors:
The Garvey Family, Life is Good, Inc. (Hudson, NH), and The Camell Family;

Birdie Sponsors:
Candia Woods Golf Links (Candia, NH), Crotched Mountain Residential Services, Inc. (Derry, NH) and Citizens Bank (Manchester, NH);

Executive Director
Jane Dichard

Executive Sponsors:
Agrimark (Lawrence, MA), CGI Employee Benefits Group (Hooksett, NH), Ferdinando Insurance Associates, Inc. (Manchester, NH), The Mortgage Specialists, Inc. (Plaistow, NH), and Donald M. Roy, CFP-RFC-CFS, N.E. Wealth Advisors (Merrimack, NH),

Newsletter Editor
Stacy Merriam

17th Annual Region 10 Golf Challenge:
It hardly seems possible that we’ve hosted a golf tournament every year since 1990. About 35 golfers played in that first tournament and we generated about $1000. Every year since then we

Tee or Green Sponsors:
Bill Bartlett, Jr. Inc. Realtors (Kingston, NH), Paul Camell, Casey’s Diner (Plaistow, NH), Colliander, Field & Brown, PA (Portsmouth, NH), Computech
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The Upper Room
The Upper Room is a family resource center located on 36 Tsienneto Drive, Derry, NH. They have free workshops and family outings scheduled for the winter sessions. They are geared for young children and their families. To get more information or to sign up, please call the Educators, Pam Miller Sallet or Brenda Guggisberg at 437-8477 ext. 12 or ext. 17. Please visit their website at .

Mark your calendar….
Tell your friends! Region 10 is proud to announce our 10th Annual Folktale Carnival on February 10, 2007. The carnival will be at the Woodbury Middle School in Salem, NH. We plan to make our 10th year extremely exciting with lots of surprises! If you or the company you work for would like to donate to this event, please contact Tammy Dudal at 893-1299 ext. 326 at Region 10. This event is always looking for sponsors. The Folktale Carnival is geared for children but it is fun for all ages. Wally the Green Monster from the Red Sox will be visiting us again this year for pictures! More information and details of the events will follow in the next Connections.

Kindermusik-by Miss Rose
Kindermusik is a Hampstead center for early childhood enrichment through creative learning and development. Miss Rose has had great success working with many of the families that are associated with Region 10. If you would like a brochure for the next session please give Rose a call at 382-9055. She will welcome you to visit a class with your child to see if you would like to participate in their various programs that she offers. The program is geared for newborns through age 7. You may also book a Birthday Party!

Story Time and Playgroup
Easter Seals is proud to announce their new Story Time and Playgroup sessions. Programs are weekly. The story time is where parents and children take part in stories complete with songs, finger play and nursery rhymes. Easter Seals is located at 15 Ermer Road in Salem. To find out more details about these sessions, please call Becky at 893-0984.

Local Motion
Local Motion is a preschool gym program catering to children 12 months to 5 years. Each class has been carefully designed to encourage physical development, as well as social and listening skills, and most of all, Fun! The classes are limited in size and are developmentally focused with fun in mind. Local Motion is located in Derry and to find out more about the programs, please call Cindy at 425-1122. You may also book a Birthday Party at Local Motion!

Medicare D
There are upcoming changes in the Medicare D drug plans. You will receive a notice in the mail from the Department of Health & Human Services, if these changes are going to affect you. This notice is blue and will give you information on whether or not there is anything you need to do as a result of these upcoming changes. You can call the State Health Insurance Assistance Program at 1-800-852-3388 or 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) if you do not understand this notice. Some plans will no longer be participating, and co-pays are going up a bit as well. As always, if you are looking for more specific information, you can refer to your “Medicare & You” book, which was sent out at the end of October. Remember, you can call me at 893-1299 and I will assist you as best as I can. - Dee Johnson

Kids’ Corner
Q: What do Snowman eat for breakfast? A: Frosted Flakes

Community Trainings
Would you like to find more training going on in the area and around the State? If so please check out these websites: The New Hampshire Child Care Resource and Referral Network: New Hampshire Public Television’s Ready to Learn Workshops: Early Learning New Hampshire:

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Please join us in wishing a very Happy Employment Anniversary to .

Much is made of community service and the importance of giving the younger generation an opportunity to help others in their community. This notion holds true for all of us, young and old alike. All of my peers who serve on the Region 10 Board of Directors take a few hours out of their very busy lives each month to volunteer in a number of different capacities. Serving on the board is more than just oversight of the budget and developing policy. It provides each one of us an opportunity to ensure Region 10 provides high quality programming and supports for the consumers and their families in our region. In addition, members monitor plans and services that protect the human rights of all of the people served. In recent years, one of the most critical aspects of the board’s work has focused around setting the direction for the agency. Taking input from a cross section of stakeholders (parents, guardians, consumers and providers,) the board has established the agenda for future development of programs and services in the region. Along with all of the designated roles, members of the board can choose other ways to become involved. Some are strong advocates in the community as well as at the state level. Others assist with various fundraising efforts to help provide financial assistance for additional supports that otherwise would not be available to individuals and families through traditional budgets. Throughout the year, the agency welcomes individuals interested in serving on the Board of Directors. There is much to be gained from the opportunity to serve. Looking back over the past 26+ years the board has been in existence, it is incredible to see the results that have been achieved to improve the lives of the folks served though Region 10. In large part, this can be attributed to the countless hours of service so many volunteers have given in their capacity as board members. I hope I’ve convinced you to take the opportunity make a difference by joining the Region 10 Board of Directors. If you’d like more information, please contact one of our current members and talk with them about the opportunity to serve. You’ll be amazed at the difference your contributions can make! Kathleen Murphy, Board Member 1981

responsible person. If you would like to join our group, give our advisor Dee a call at 893-1299 ext. 323. We meet the first Thursday of every month from 6 pm – 8 pm in Hampstead, come on down we would love to me you. -Heather Belanger

Embracing The Spirit of the Child


Kelly Judson Dec. 3

Donna Cocozza Dec. 9

“Parenting as a Journey of Self-Discovery” An evening of nurturing and healing with Sally Patton sharing appreciation of gifts & differences for parents of children with special needs. Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2006 from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Their dedication is most certainly appreciated! Thank you!

Basic Overview of the IEP-Special Education Process & Early Resolution of Special Education Workshop Speaker: Charlene Mayo from Parent Information Center
This workshop will provide participants with an introduction to the special education process, including a brief overview of each step as well as the important role of parents as equal members of the team. Also presented will be information on various ways for parents and school districts to resolve educational disputes early in this process. Tuesday, January 16, 2007 from 7:00-9:00pm **RSVP required. Call Toni M., at 893-1299 ext.319. Seating is limited & workshops will be cancelled if reservations are not rec’d two (2) weeks prior to workshop. Door Prizes and Refreshments served.

PIC-Parent Information Center has scheduled a variety of workshops throughout the fall and winter. Manchester: Peer Pressure -Dec. 15- 6:30am-8:00 pm Hampton: Basic Rights in Special Education -Jan. 12, 2007- 10 am to 12 Noon Atkinson: Region 10 Basic Rights with a focus on Alternative Dispute Resolution -Jan. 16, 2007- 7:00pm -9:00 pm **Pre-Registration is required. Please call the Parent Information Center for information, directions and registration at 1-800-947-7005.

Self Advocacy Update
I have learned a lot from being a member of People Power. I have learned about relationships, how to be careful with my money, and how to be a good friend. Most importantly I understand my rights a lot better, and have become a more

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Integrators, Inc. (Manchester, NH), Derry Management Services (Derry, NH), Genpres, Inc. (Nashua, NH), Hardiman Plumbing and Heating (Haverhill, Ma), Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare of New England (NH &Ma), Hire Alliance (Bedford, NH), J& B Butcher, LLC (East Hampstead), Charles and Ruth Kamitian (R10 board member), Key Investment Services (Portland, Me), Leone, McDonnell & Roberts, PA (Dover, NH), New England Property Maintenance (East Hampstead, NH), Palmer Gas Co, Inc. (Atkinson, NH), Al and Joan Sabatini (R10 board member), Securicom Systems (Atkinson, NH), Spacetown Autobody, Inc. (Derry, NH), Salem Memorial VFW Post #8546 (Salem, NH), and Twins Smoke Shop (Londonderry, NH)

Now…for the Tournament Winners: Contests:
Longest Drives: Brad Kent and Susan Silsby Straightest Drive: Joe “Moon” Mountain Closest to Pins: #5: Andrew Fujiyoshi and Dorene Bergeron #8: Frank Cutone and Dorene Bergeron #17: Derek Edge Closest 2nd Shot onto Green: Tim Deroche (EAGLE!) Closest 3rd Shot onto Green: David Jadlocki Longest Putt Made: Veneta Cleary

The Disabilities Rights Center has a special education series that is very informative. Check out their link http:// Tips.pdf for "Tips for advocating with school districts about your child's special education."

Tournament: Special Divisions:
Regional Provider Agency Team: Living Innovations: Carl Pufahl, John Iafalla, Chris Slover, Craig Crowell; Regional Family Team: Bill Lynch, Peter Robins, Shawn Donahue, Marc Masone Women’s Team: Phyllis Hartman, Venita Cleary, Shirley Webber, Dottie Campbell Firemen’s Team: Haverhill, Ma: Arnie Hargraves, Bob Wilson, Mike Sullivan, Jim Hines Mixed Team: Charlie and Carol Boule, Dan DeRoche, Ted DeRoche 17th Place Anniversary Prize: Jan and Joe Hardiman, Jim Hardiman, Tim DeRoche

Wheelbarrow Contributors:
Bert Anderson, Scott Baldwin, Dorene & Dick Bergeron, Jean Claude Bruneau, Charlene & David Buffum, Terri Cadorette, Jodi & Eric Cofer, the Dillon Family, Dave & Linda Dutile, The Garafalo Family, Phyllis Hartman, Barb & Jerry Kenny, Vinnie Kissel, Chico Lager, Jamie & Jason Morin, The Morini Family, Tina Paquin, and Jean & Bob Plocharczyk.

Golfer Gift Bag Contributors:
A & C Tire Co. Inc, Jiffy Lube, Highland Sales Associates, Inc., Pearl’s Candies & Nuts, Play Among the Stars Theater Group, Region 10 Fund Raising Committee, and Dr. Stephen Weisner.

Overall Region 10 Tournament Winners:
1st Place: Dave Camell, Paul Camell, Jay Brunetti, Paul Bjork 2nd Place: Jeff Lavoie, Dave Rochette, Pete Ventura, Bob Jensen 3rd Place: Aaron Gardner, Ann Dillon, Brian Young, Brad Kent Region 10 would like to also take this opportunity to acknowledge the members of the Golf Committee and volunteers for their tremendous effort and thank them for hosting such a wonderful (and successful) 17th Annual Golf Challenge: Terri Cadorette, Leslie Coughlin, Jane and Len Dichard, Mariellen DiIeso, Bill Dillon, Leah Frim, Kathy and Peter Garafalo, Kristine Houle, Dee Johnson, Stacy Merriam, Toni Moore, Mary Reed, Chris Roy, Amy Simon, Stacia Swan and Dianna Winward. Without their commitment and effort, this tournament would not have been possible! Stay tuned for info on the 18th Annual Golf Challenge next September! -Jane Dichard

Apple Hill Golf Course, Bank of America, Rich Berberian, The Cadorette Family, Cherry Village Pizza, The Colosseum Restaurant, Crystal Springs Golf Course, Len & Jane Dichard, Elaine Dumont, East Coast Lumber, Freshwater Farms, The Frim/Mountain Family, the Garafalo Family, Granite Fields Golf Club, Gregg Hartman, Heavenly Donuts, The Inn at Danbury, The Jardine Family, The Johnson Family, Vinnie Kissel, The Lianza Family, Jason Morin, Mike Morin, Murphy’s Garrison Golf Center, Nippo Lake golf Club, Rexel CLS, Chris Roy, Shattuck Golf Club, Amy Simon (R10 board member), Cathy Spinney (R10 board member), Kelly Spinney, Depot Square Steak House, Stonebridge Country Club, The Thompson Family, Trade Secrets/Amanda Dobrinski, Twin Mountain Spring Water Co, Twins Smoke Shop, and Tom Weeks. The delicious home-made cookies are always such a big hit with the golfers. Special thanks to all the family members and staff who baked them.


Calendar of Upcoming Training's
Board of Director’s Meeting December 14, 2006
7:00 p.m.
(Date & time subject to change. Please call to confirm if attending)

December Trainings: will be held at
Region 10 Community Support Services, Inc,

March Trainings: will be held at
Region 8 Developmental Services, Inc,

Atkinson, NH Acquired Brain Disorders (ABD) Scott Dow December 6, 2006 *$25 10:00 a.m.—2:00 p.m. Register by: 11/29/06

Portsmouth, NH Understanding & Supporting Effective Behavior/Helping People Learn Useful Skills Sharon Richey March 21, 2006 *$25 9:00 a.m.—2:00 p.m. Register by: 3/14/06

April Trainings: Will be held at Region 10 Community Support Services, Inc. Atkinson, NH Empowerment Lynn Tonkin April 18, 2007 *$25 9:00 a.m.—11:00 a.m. Overview of System & Developmental Disabilities Jane Dichard April 18, 2007 *$25 11:15 a.m.—1:15 p.m. Rights Sharon Richey April 18, 2007 *$25 1:45 p.m.—4:15 p.m.

*If not connected to Region 10 Community Support Services Inc. there is a $25 per day fee charged. If you would like more information on any of the training's sponsored by Region 10, please call 893-1299.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to support people who have developmental disabilities or acquired brain disorders, in partnership with their families and caregivers, to enhance their independence and personal growth while fostering meaningful relationships and involvement within their communities.

Region 10 Community Support Services, Inc. 8 Commerce Drive Atkinson, NH 03811
Serving individuals with developmental disabilities and their families in the following communities: Atkinson Derry Pelham Salem Chester Hampstead Plaistow Windham Danville Newton Sandown


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