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					Silver Shield – Aqua Sol™ Technology
We don't have to come down with every bug that floats around. Be pro-active and take charge of your health by boosting your level of protection. Silver kills bacteria, viruses, fungus, molds completely in 6 minutes of contact but kills 80% in the first 15 seconds! Silver Shield (4274-1) and Silver Shield Gel (4950-1) are phenomenal tools for your arsenal. There are literally dozens of way to use them. Safe for pets too! Dogs carry 60% more strep germs in their mouth than do humans. Yes, we all have naturally occurring bacteria in our bodies all of the time, of which strep is only one. It is when they are allowed to reproduce uncontrollably that they starve out the good or friendly bacteria and cause disease. Take care of the ones you love. Silver is more precious than Gold! Silver in this form is beyond colloidal or ionic. The patented AquaSol™ technology has made Silver Shield a whole new level of anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal. It even kills black mold. Aqua Sol Technology works by catalytic rather than chemical process. That means that none of the silver is consumed in the process of killing the pathogens. It kills pathogens in 3 ways – by resonance, on contact and by magnetic disruption. It also activates stem cells, and is effective against MRSA. A general rule of thumb is to use Silver Shield liquid as an internal disinfectant and Silver Shield Gel as an external disinfectant. Silver kills pathogens completely in 6 minutes of direct contact but it kills 80% of the pathogens in the first 15 seconds. Silver gel can be safely used in any orifice. Silver is a minor immune modulator similar to ginseng. Do not take with food, even though they are required to put that on the label because salt neutralizes 15% - 20% of the Silver. Your carpet, pillow and mattress double in weight in approx 3 years. Why? A build up of dead skin cells, dead dust mites and other critters that harbor dis-ease.

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Recipes for Health

Here are some recipes for health protection. Sanitizing Wipes: put 3-4 napkins in a Ziploc, add Silver Shield to wet thoroughly Sanitize your dental floss Dental Floss: pop the top off floss container, fill with Silver Shield Disinfect your dishes, skin and scalp. For dish soap, shampoo, conditioner: replace 10-20% of product with Silver Shield Liquid. To use in conjunction with body wash, add Silver Gel to your dab of body wash. Sanitize your laundry: Add ½ to 1 oz per load Apply Silver Shield Liquid to face before applying cosmetics. Let dry for 2 minutes, then apply makeup or moisturizer. Helps prevent and reverse wrinkles due to activation of stem cells. Also helps clear acne. Spray on carpet before vacuuming to prevents organisms from replicating in carpet of in vacuum bag or cup. For pillows and mattress: Add 1/2 ounce Silver to water bottle & mist bedding. You can also put some Silver Gel around eyes, mouth, ears, nostrils before lying on your pillow at night. Add ½ oz per gallon of water for mopping floors Showers, Countertops: Add 1/2 ounce Silver to water bottle and mist shower, tub, counter and let stand for 6 minutes, then wipe off. You can let it dry too, but if you see a film of silver developing, you might want to wipe it off. Add Silver Shield Liquid to facial steamer for a great acne treatment as well as for youthful skin. Can be added to a Nebulizer treatment Feminine hygiene: If you have a problem with yeast infection, add 60ml to a douche and repeat for 3-5 days. After that, put some Silver Shield Gel on a tampon for several more to prevent re-growth Silver Shield Gel can be applied directly to bites, scrapes, scratches and wounds As we said before, Silver Shield Liquid and Gel is also safe for pets. You will want to treat the pets, particularly if children have frequently recurring infections and colds since the pets may be re-infecting them.

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