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					Globalization Initiative, Spring 2009
Globalization, the integration of societies, economies, cultures, and political systems, has resulted in tremendous advances in how, for example, societies trade and communicate knowledge and goods. As concerns higher education, super-national organizations like the World Trade Organization are encouraging countries to commit their higher education systems to the mandates of the General Agreement on Trade in Services. European countries are working towards common standards for their higher education through the Bologna process, while the emerging and developing economies such as those of China and India are investing heavily in higher educational institutions, in part, so that they can compete at a global-level. Even small countries like the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are investing billions of dollars to advance their educational services.

As millions of people around the world are looking for quality higher education, colleges and universities are at a unique crossroads. The global marketplace for educational services is expanding at a dramatic pace, and new agreements and collaborative educational offerings across the globe are being forged by colleges and universities to capture these new opportunities. Unprecedented advances in communication technology will continue to change the way educational services have been offered to meet these demands, challenges, and opportunities. Meanwhile, the costs of both offering and obtaining a higher education are increasing.

As one small step in considering how Ferris State University can continue to respond to these and other opportunities and challenges as they relate to globalization, we would like to begin a rich dialog about globalization and its impact on the University. This dialogue, the Globalization Initiative, is currently under the auspices of the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning. We envision that the initiative, among other outcomes (see below), will help in "preparing (our) students for a global society and

leadership role," language we've borrowed from the University's recent strategic planning efforts (see Goal 1, Initiative 5 from Strategic Goals and Initiatives).

We invite you to join us to explore this important and exciting topic; proposed meeting times for our work are found below on page 3. We hope that you will join us in discussing and examining globalization as it relates to both the University and our individual professional interests and expertise. We plan to collate the findings of our work into a white paper that can, among other things, demonstrate concrete actions that may support the University's mission and vision in this new globalized world of education, economies, and more.

For those who participate in the discussions and contribute to the white paper, the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning will provide, as appropriate, a $150 Professional Development Incentive or assist in the purchase of relevant resources such as books, videos, or access to webinars that support your work and that of your office. - Piram Prakasam and Todd Stanislav January 2009 (revised)


A proposed timeline
A group of faculty and staff, led by Dr. Piram Prakasam (Dept. of Physical Sciences) and in collaboration with the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning, met in late Fall 2008 to explore common grounds of interest related to globalization and its impact on Ferris. In Spring 2009, we hope to continue the discussions and work we began late last year. A tentative timeline is below. Piram and I have identified two times during particular weeks when we are available to meet with others. We invite you to join us! If you can, you need only attend one of the two meetings during those weeks that we meet. We'll meet during back-to-back weeks at the outset and again near the end of the semester. In between, we'll take a break from meetings to allow each of us time to explore specific areas of interest and draft a summary of our findings. Piram and I will be in touch periodically with you during this time; we would like to be available to help you in anyway we can. As we approach the final few weeks of the semester, we will meet again to share our findings, which will in turn be collated into a single white paper for broader distribution to the Ferris community. -Todd Stanislav

Meeting times
February 2009
Thursday, the 5 , 3-4:15 PM (IRC 104) Friday, the 6th, 2:30-3:45 PM (IRC 104)

March 2009
Thursday, the 26th, 3-4:15 PM (IRC 104) Friday, the 27th, 2:30-3:45 PM (IRC 131)

February 2009
Thursday, the 12 , 3-4:15 PM (IRC 131) Friday, the 13th, 2:30-3:45 PM (IRC 131)

April 2009
Thursday, the 2nd, 3-4:15 PM (IRC 104) Friday, the 3rd, 2:30-3:45 PM (IRC 104)