Cover Letters A Review

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					Cover Letters
 A Review
        Topics to be Discussed
•   The importance and purpose of the cover letter
•   Guidelines for effective cover letters
•   Targeting your cover letter
•   Skills    h by        l
    Skill sought b employers
•   How to structure a cover letter
•   Cover letter formats
•   Resources on cover letters
                   Cover Letters….
► add a “personal touch”; they introduce you and your resume

► provide an opportunity to match your qualifications with the

► describe what makes you “stand out”

► should accompany all resumes unless otherwise stated
             Format for Cover letters

•   Name the position to which you are applying and state where you heard about it
•   Introduce yourself, providing a quick i
    I    d          lf      idi                d i           how you fi in the position.
                                      i k introduction as to h       fit i h      ii

BODY : “I”

•   Sales i h Match         l      d
    S l pitch - M h your relevant education and work experiences to the position
                                        i       d     k       i         h  ii
•   Impress Them : “YOU” - Tell the employer what you know about the
•   Let them know how your knowledge, skills, experiences will serve them


•   Conclude with a description of the next step (how you will follow up)
•   Reiterate your interest and suitability for the position
•   Request an interview
                                   g    y   p y
            Transferable Skills Sought by Employers
    Transferable skills are those which you take with you from
    education to employment, and from one position to the next.

•   Decision making ability
•   Analytical thinking ability
•   Team playing
•   Leadership
•          g        g
    Planning and organizational skills
•   Interpersonal skills
•   Conflict management
•   Problem solving
•   Numerical skills

2.                                                                3.


 1. Y         t ti f      ti    dd t
 1 Your contact information and date
 2. The company and a specific individual
 3. What position and how you heard about the position
 4. Your skills and experiences….what you can contribute to the organization!


     1. Show your knowledge about the organization.
     2. Closing statement and follow up procedure.
Strong Closing
Consider Other Formats
Your contact information
Date                                                                          Format
Their contact information
Re: Production Manager
Dear Ms. Jack,
As a production supervisor, I planned and scheduled labour, material,
and production lines for increases and decreases in business activity
while improving or maintaining efficiencies.
Here is a list of my qualifications as they relate to your requirements for
production manager:
•   Knowledge of equipment maintenance and engineering functions
•   Three years of supervisory experience on the production floor
•   Degree in Engineering from The University of Western Ontario
       g         g       g                    y
•   Strong communication and interpersonal skills
•   Ability to motivate employees and build teams
I look forward to meeting with you to discuss how I can make a strong
contribution to ABC Company in the capacity of Production Manager.
Jane Doe
            Cover Letter Checklist

             feel       think                 certain
Avoid words “feel” and “think” and use words “certain” and

Link thoughts and paragraphs

Address it to a specific person if possible

Emphasize your skills and relevant experiences

Illustrate knowledge of company

Use “action” language ; Demonstrate enthusiasm

Avoid repeating the information that is on your resume
               Cover Letter Printed Resources
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Best Canadian Resumes: 100 Best    Graham, S
                                   Graham S.
Canadian-format Resumes &
Cover Letters

    The Career Centre Tipsheets at:
            Other Resources
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Oth O li Resources
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