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									III. Technical Specifications

    1. Integration of Touristic Units on Concession ........................................... 2
    2. Integral Exploitation Plan......................................................................... 3
III. Technical Specifications

1. Integration of Touristic Units on Concession

The Touristic Unit on Concession, identified as Hotel Provincial, according to
the Plans identified as Annexes 1-A, 1-B and 1-C, is composed of:

   -   Building called Hotel Provincial of the city of Mar del Plata, whose plat
       description is: Partido de General Pueyrredón (45), Circunscripción I;
       Sección C; Fracción III; Parcela 2, with everything that is attached,
       parking lot and shops, all of it according to the plans identified as Annex
       1-A (nine (9) plans).
   -   The beach and swimming pool plot located in front of the building,
       identified as Annex 1-B (two (2) plans)
   -   The Parking Lot located under Almirante Brown Square, identified as
       Annex 1-C ( one (1) plan).

The Touristic Unit on Concession, identified as Hotel Departamentos Casino, is
composed of:

   -   Building called Hotel Departamentos Casino, in the areas defined
       according to the plans identified as Annex 1-D (nine (9) plans);
   -   The beach plot located opposite the building, identified as Annex 1-F
       (one (1) plan).

The Concessionaire will be able to use, during the period while the Concession
is valid, the trademarks “Hotel Provincial – Ciudad de Mar del Plata” and “Hotel
Departamentos Casino – Cuidad de Mar del Plata”.

1.1 Spaces not on concession – allowed use

The following are not included in this Concession:
1.1.1. The commercial exploitation or the occupation of open spaces such as
       Almirante Brown Courtyard or Square, arcades or sidewalks. The use of
       the sidewalk of the façade facing the sea, of the southern façade arcade
       and of the northern façade arcade - Hotel Departamentos Casino-,will
       only be allowed under the following conditions and restrictions:       Only the spaces demarcated on plans in Section 1 – Technical
       Specifications will be available for use and their limits will not exceed the
       building line in more than nine meters (9 m.).       The installation of chairs, tables or other equipment (parasols,
       wind-breakers, display units, chairs, tables, banners, etc.) will be allowed
       as long as they don´t prove to be obstacles to pedestrians
1.1.2. Twenty (20) spaces from the Parking Lot located under the Almirante
       Brown Square, corresponding to the Hotel Suites Casino.

1.2 Restrictions on the use of Touristic Units Space
Within the area anticipated in Section 1 – Technical Specifications, the Bidder
will have to adjust his Integral Exploitation Plan in order to reserve three (3)
parking spaces from the Parking Lot located under Almirante Brown Square for
the Grantor’s use.

1.3 Restrictions and Conditions on the Development of certain Activities in
    Touristic Units Space – Business and Commercial Center (Hotel
    Provincial) – Beach Plots

1.3.1. The Integral Exploitation Plan will not assign, to the Commercial and
Business Center BSU, any space to be let as commercial areas, except those
which the Preliminary Draft specifies as destined to offices and business areas
or as common areas, which exceed fifteen thousand square meters (15,000
1.3.2. If the Integral Exploitation Plan included. The authorization and use of the
Beach Plot as Beach Club, it would have to comply with the following conditions
and restrictions: Beach area used should not exceed that which is specified on plan,
nor should it obstruct general public’s access to the sea All installations should be located within the limits of the lot
assigned, whose boundaries will be duly marked. General Public transit areas and empty spaces among the shaded
comfort areas should be made available.

1.4 Impositions on Use, Purpose and Conservation Measures on or for
    certain Spaces of the Touristic Units

1.4.1. The space located on the fourth floor identified as “Governor’s Suite” or
the “Presidential Suite” located on the fifth floor, or both, according to Bidder’
choice, will be kept as Site Memoir of the Touristic Unit Hotel Provincial, even if
the Integral Exploitation Plan does not contemplate hotel exploitation. The
identity and original decorations of the space/s to be preserved will be kept
and/or restored by using and arranging the furniture specified in the Furniture
Catalog (Annex 4).
This restriction does not imply limits on its commercial use if compatible with its
1.4.2. Entrance to the Hotel Suites Casino basement will be allowed through the
Parking Lot, from the entrance on Moreno and Buenos Aires streets.
1.4.3. The Architectural Preliminary Plan for the Building’s Restoration,
Adaptation and Categorization should respect the Lightening Work on the
facades of the Touristic Units, in compliance with the specifications established
in the Lighting Plan, in order to maintain the harmony and integration of both
Touristic Units.

2. Integral Exploitation Plan

As established by section 2 – Specific Conditions, and in order to enable its
formulation, presentation and evaluation, and in spite of the concession period
specified in Section 1.3 – Specific Conditions, it will only be formulated and
planned for the first ten (10) years, being the theoretical initial moment the date
of Granting of Possession Property and it will be composed of the following:
   - Business Plan, which shall be conceived, projected and formulated over
       the first ten (ten) years, taking as theoretical starting point the date of
       Granting of Tenancy, identifying and defining the Business Strategic
   - Initial Investment Plan, necessary to achieve each Touristic Unit’s
       refunctioning and authorization according to the building restoration,
       adaptation and categorization parameters.

The Concessionaire will be held responsible for the maintenance and
conservation of each Touristic Unit, including the works and investment made
by the Province on its facades or architectural envelop design prior to this
Invitation and those carried out as a result of the Concession, for which purpose
he will have to meet the criteria defined by this Draft of General Specifications,
by the Patrimonial Maintenance Manual for the Conservation of Facades,
Mandsars, Arcades and Main Rooms of the Hotel Povincial (Annex 9), and the
criteria used in the elaboration of the Architectural Preliminary Plan for the
Building’s Restoration, Adaptation and Categorization, endorsed at the time of
its Award, in order to maintain the demanded categorization.
Independently of the documents which support the formulation of the Integral
Exploitation Plan submitted by the Bidder, the Pre-awarding Special
Commission may, so as to compare and contrast the various estimates in order
to determine which the best proposal is, use official or publicly known statistics
that, in their opinion, is appropriate when evaluating the reliability of the implicit
hypotheses in each of the Plans submitted.
 2.1 Business Plan – Business Strategic Unit /s

The following should be taken into account in the formulation of the Business
    - The inclusion, as required in Section 2 – Specific Conditions, among its
       BSU, of a Convention and Congress Center
    - The determination of the areas of each Touristic Unit assigned to each
       BSU, perfectly quantified and articulated with the Architectural
       Preliminary Plan for the Building’s Restoration, Adaptation and
       Categorization (Section 2.2.1 – Technical Specifications)
The Proposed BSUs should be planned, exploited and managed as a four star
or above category, or equivalent, according to international standards. Should
hotel exploitation be considered, this categorization must comply with the
current norms of the Province of Buenos Aires.
The activities or processes related or identifiable with one of the BSUs defined
in Section 2 – Specific Conditions should be presented as associated with the
said BSU and not as exploitations integrated in another BSU (Section 2-a)-
Specific Conditions).

2.2 Initial Investment Plans

The Initial Investment Plan, which will take into consideration and abide by the
conditions of Minimum Investment and Maximum Completion Date required by
Section 1.5 – Specific Conditions, will be devised according to the amount
foreseen the following will demand:
    - The execution of the Architectural Preliminary Plan for the Building’s
      Restoration, Adaptation and Categorization, and
    - The acquisition of Assets

  2.2.1 Architectural Preliminary Plan for the Building’s Restoration,
Adaptation and Categorization


The proposal for restoration, remodelling and refunctioning of each of the
Touristic Unit individually will be developed through descriptive memory in
which the main aspects, the chosen technology, the materials to be used, the
general criteria for the treatment of spaces, finishing levels, the evaluation of the
structure’s behavior as to the new demands, the intervention on the various
installations and all other aspects which may aid global comprehension of the
intervention proposed for the complete period of concession, should all be
In order to do this, the design must adjust to the following conditions and
    - The only restoration works allowed will be on the building’s exterior
        architectural envelop design, including inside the building Hotel
        Provincial galleries, facades, attic, slate roof and chimneys, spaces in the
        axis of the building, entrance hall, round room and cafeteria, adjacent
        double helicoidal staircase, rooms of the columns, boulevard of the
        Americas, Courriers of the Atlantic and of the Boulevard, Dauphine and
        of the Columns of the Atlantic.
    - Restoration works should be carried out with original materials and will
        include finishing, decoration, mural and fresco paintings.
    - Specialized personnel must be in charge of the execution proposal. No
        foreign elements which alter the building´s original design, such as
        advertising, banners, fittings, etc., will be allowed on the façade, except
        those which are authorized, specifically and case by case, by the

   In order to facilitate the design of the respective architectural plans, the
   Owner makes thirteen (13) filed of AutoCAD plans of the Hotel Provincial,
   whose printed version corresponds to Annex 1-F, readily available.

   Within the appropriate documentation for the proposals the following must
   be included: Complex Architectural proposal of intervention on each building, through
   plants, cuts, views and perspectives, in the plan, which answers to the
   descriptive memoirs required by section 2.2.1 – Recitals– Technical
   Specifications. Calculation of surfaces and development stages, accounting for
   the areas to be enlarged or demolished and proving that all conditions and
capabilities defined in this Draft of General Specifications and the current
norms will be met. A memoir with details of the urban, architectural and heritage
aspects, their relationship with the proposed Business Plan and with
affectation of surfaces or volumes to the BSUs which are included in it, the
various functional units and service areas illustrated by sketches,
perspectives and assembly which aid their understanding. Technical Resolution Plans of plant, cuts and views, on scale 1:200, in AutoCAD. Supporting Structure. Evaluation of the existing structures and the
proposals in relation to the structural whole located on scale 1:200, in
AutoCAD. Installations. Assessment of the existing installations and
proposals in relation to the behavior as a whole, with web schemes and
terminals on scale 1:400; in sanitary, electrical, gas , air conditioning,
mechanical transport, fire and security and communication installations, in
AutoCAD. Demolishing Specific Work Plan Preventive temporary demolition and bracing plans, with sequence
description and/or graphics of the techniques to be used. Estimate of the elements and materials from the demolishing and
extraction, which may have heritage value and may not be reused, for their
ulterior classification, registration and conservation by the Owner. Restoration Methods for the observance of pathologies of the sectors indicated
in Section 2.2.1 – Technical Specifications. Restoration proposal, indicating technology to be used, materials
and skilled labor. Equipment, Furnishing and Decoration The equipment and furnishing, Section 2.2.2 - Technical
Specifications and the proposed decoration must bear relation to the
category of the proposed BSUs. For the Touristic Unit Hotel Provincial, and in the case of the
“Governor’s Suite” or the “Presidential Suite”, as Site Memorials, will be kept
and/or restored with the original furnishings, as established in Section 1.4.1 -
Technical Specifications. A Memoir should be presented: Indicating brands, models and finishing with illustrations
through catalogs, samples and/or photocopies of the new elements to be
incorporated. Making their initial proposal known as to the kind of furniture,
carpets, electric fittings and other elements which constitute the original
equipment of the Touristic Unit Hotel Pronvincial, specified in the Furniture
Catalog (Annex 4), which are planned to be used for the site memory
(“Governor’s Suite” and/or “Presidential Suite”, Section 1.4.1 – Technical
Specifications) and in any of the Business Strategic Units. Environmental Impact
Detailed study and evaluation of the environmental impact that the proposed
works will have, both immediately and in the long run. Work and Investment Schedule – Refunctioning Period
Work and investment schedule, specifying period for the refunctioning of the
Touristic Units, which cannot exceed the five (5) years counted as from the
granting of possession and including, if expected, the stages and terms in
which partial authorizations are proposed on the various sectors where work
is being carried out, articulated with the appropriate BSU authorization. Total Calculation and Estimate
Total and monthly calculation of the investment to be carried out, which must
include estimate of the investment according to the individualized
components as stipulated in Sections, and -
Technical Specifications.

2.2.2 Assets Acquisition Plan
The Bidders must submit the Assets Acquisition Plan to be incorporated in
the exploitation of each Touristic Unit during the period of Initial Investments,
Section - Technical Specifications, detailing total calculation and

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