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Globalization Studies is perhaps potent source of cultural, Globalizationpolitical, andthe mostItchangebewithin statesasand economic, social between them in the world today. can thought of a

process by which countries come closer together through increasing contact, communication and trade to create a single global system in which developments in one part of the world become more likely to affect individuals and communities in other parts of the world. Globalization is not a new phenomenon in human experience, but its contemporary scale and reach are unprecedented. More than in the past, for example, economic crisis in the United States leaves no part of the world untouched because national financial markets and trading systems have grown highly interdependent. Given that globalization is a complex set of processes that affect virtually all facets of our daily lives—the arts, culture, economics, politics, immigration, climate, health—the Globalization Studies major at Ohio State is interdisciplinary in character, encouraging students to adopt a multiplicity of humanistic, social scientific, and scientific perspectives on the forms that globalization takes, the forces that shape them, their historical origins, and their impacts on all aspects of the lives of individuals and communities. These impacts range across culture and the arts through economic interdependence to climate change and disease management. The major will help students to understand better our increasingly multicultural society and will provide them with knowledge relevant to a wide variety of careers. Pursuing Globalization Studies at Ohio State All Ohio State freshman applicants are considered within a competitive admission process for the Columbus campus. The primary criteria for admission are the completion of the applicant’s high school college preparatory program, performance in that program as indicated by class rank and/ or grade-point average, and performance on either the ACT or SAT. Upon admission to the university, students can declare a major in Globalization Studies within the College of the Arts and Sciences. Students interested in Globalization Studies should consult with an International Studies advisor as soon as possible. A number of courses in the major have prerequisites, but these prerequisites may also fulfill the General Education Curriculum (GEC) in the College of the Arts and Sciences. When possible, students should select courses that fulfill the GEC requirements and satisfy prerequisites for their major core requirements. Globalization Studies Requirements A major in Globalization Studies comprises 55 credit hours of course work chosen from various departments: • 15 hours of core courses


Interdisciplinary Focus The globalization studies major provides students with excellent preparation in several academic subject areas through courses taught by internationally renowned faculty in departments across the university.

• 30 hours of elective courses (10 hours from each of the following three broad clusters: Economy, Environment, and Health; Violence, Conflict, and Reconciliation; and Global Networks, Cultures, and Institutions) • 10 hours of a foreign language beyond the basic GEC requirement.


All students are required to take three mandatory courses: • Two introductory courses, IS 356, Introduction to Globalization Studies, and CS 357, Introduction to Globalization and Culture. These introductory courses provide the foundation for the major by exploring central questions of globalization from the perspective of the social sciences (IS 356) and the humanities/arts (CS 357). • One capstone course, IS 557, Research in Globalization Studies, that is designed as a research course and requires students to write a substantial research paper on a topic central to the globalization debate. In addition, students choose six elective courses from a list of approved courses. Students are required to select two courses from each of the following clusters: Economy, Environment, Health; Violence, Conflict, and Reconciliation; and Global Networks, Cultures, and Institutions. In addition, students are required to fulfill an additional distributional requirement: three of the courses selected from the different clusters are to be chosen from arts/humanities offerings, and three from social science/science courses. Globalization Studies majors are also required to take ten hours of a foreign language beyond the basic 20 hours required of all students by the College of the Arts and Sciences. Co-Curricular Opportunities Ohio State offers students many opportunities to learn and grow outside the classroom. Internships, study abroad, and other forms of experiential learning enable students to gain valuable out-of-classroom experience and learn about other languages and cultures before they enter the workforce. All these experiences enhance learning and may provide an advantage in the job market. Students who major or minor in Globalization Studies are particularly encouraged to take advantage of the internship and study abroad opportunities available to them.

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Curriculum Sample This is a sample list of the classes students might take to satisfy the requirements for the Globalization Studies major. Since university students need more than a specific education in a narrow field, they also take classes to satisfy the General Education Curriculum (GEC). The GEC enables students to develop the fundamental skills essential to college success across major programs. Course work options satisfying the GEC often come from a variety of academic areas of study, allowing students to tailor their GEC to their own interests. Note: The sample below represents only one of the multiple combinations of courses possible to satisfy requirements in the Globalization Studies major. Consult the program web site,, for a full list of courses in the major. Freshman Year: Natural Science Foreign Language 101,102,103 Arts and Humanities Algebra and Trigonometry First-Year English Composition Social Science ASC Survey Freshman Seminar Total Hours Sophomore Year: Globalization Studies Foundational Courses Natural Science Second-Year Writing Course Data Analysis Social Science Foreign Language 104 Arts and Humanities Economy Environment Health Minor/Electives Total Hours Junior Year: Foreign Language Elective Violence, Conflict and Reconciliation Economy Environment Health Third-Year Writing Course Foreign Language Elective History I Natural Science Special Topics Course Global Cultures, Networks, and Institutions Total Hours Senior Year: Minor Electives Globalization Studies Course Violence, Conflict and Reconciliation Global Cultures, Networks and Institutions History II Foreign Language Elective Issues of Contemporary World Total Hours 10 15 5 5 5 5 1 1 47 10 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 50 10 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 50 10 10 5 5 5 5 5 45


Unique Academic Focus Globalization Studies is housed in the Undergraduate International Studies Program, which is devoted wholly to undergraduate education and to providing students with the best possible academic experience at Ohio State.


International Studies runs its own internship program that carries academic credit (IS 689). Applicants should be juniors or seniors (some sophomores may qualify) who possess a strong background in the humanities and/or social sciences and in a foreign language. Student interns are placed in an approved agency locally or in another U.S. city, such as Washington D.C. Students may also intern in another country. Students are also encouraged to participate in a study abroad program at least once during their undergraduate career. Academic credit earned overseas can be used for their Ohio State undergraduate degree. Ohio State has more than 100 established programs in over 40 different countries. For a full list of study abroad opportunities and scholarship information, visit abroad. Honors & Scholars Programs Ohio State offers a range of Honors & Scholars programs to create an environment of intellectual support and stimulation within a tight-knit community of high-ability undergraduate students. Learn more about these programs at Honors sections of courses in the Globalization Studies major are offered at both the introductory and advanced levels. The senior honors thesis offers qualified students the opportunity to research a topic of their choice and to work closely with a faculty supervisor. Students writing a thesis often receive funding to conduct field research overseas. Career Prospects in Globalization Studies The Globalization Studies major provides an exemplary interdisciplinary liberal arts education that acquaints students with domestic and international debates on such topics as the global economy, the environment and cultural diffusion. Graduates will have a similar range of career opportunities as that of any liberal arts major. The breadth of this major prepares them for work in the growing number of public and private sector entities that have to negotiate their way in an ever more complex and interdependent world. For students who choose to continue their education, the major will prepare them for further study in any number of disciplines or interdisciplinary programs, e.g., history, comparative studies, and the social sciences. Students’ enhanced language training should be a particular asset whether they choose graduate education or the labor force. In short, the major will educate students about aspects of globalization in ways that will make them attractive to either graduate and professional schools or employers in the areas of business, government, and media. Students will be prepared in particular for careers involving aspects of globalization, diversity, and multiculturalism.
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