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									WEBS Vendor User Guide

How do vendors access bids?

Bidders access bidding opportunities through our WEBS Portal Page at www.ga.wa.gov/webs

WEBS Portal Page
Bidders click on this link to view the public bid calendar, which list all current bidding opportunities. New vendors should click on this link to get registered.

Vendors who have already registered in WEBS can login by clicking on this link.

Bidders must login to download bid documents.

Vendor login screen

Forgot your password? Click on this link to have a new password sent to you.

New vendors should click on this link to get registered.

Vendors who are already registered will need to login to WEBS using their email address and their password.

Vendor logged in to WEBS Search Opportunities link

Vendors will click on the Search Opportunities link to access current bidding opportunities.

Once a vendor has logged in to WEBS they will need to click on the Search Opportunities link to access the current bidding opportunities.

Search Opportunities Screen
To view a list of all current bidding opportunities, select All Commodity Codes and All Counties.

Click the SEARCH button to return a list of current bidding opportunities.

Vendors can filter bid opportunities by commodity code, county and by customer organization.

Search Opportunities – Search Results screen
Search returns a current list of bidding opportunities.

Click on the bid title to see the bid details screen and to access the bid document (s).

Search Opportunities Bid Details screen
Vendors will see information about the bidding opportunity as well as links to download related documents. Vendors are responsible for downloading all documents associated with an opportunity.

Click on link to download bid document (s) Click on link to amendment document (s)

WEBS Public Bid Calendar
Vendors will link to the public bid calendar from the WEBS portal page at www.ga.wa.gov/webs . Vendors must login to download bid documents. Vendors will be taken to the login screen for WEBS when they click on the bid title link. All vendors must be register to download bid documents.

Managing Your Vendor Profile

Each vendor account has one account administrator who has access to update your WEBS vendor profile. The account administrator has full rights to: •Add/remove additional contacts (users)

•Update company profile information
•Add/remove commodity codes •Download bids

Choosing Commodity Codes in WEBS

Commodity selection in WEBS is based on keywords. Type in a keyword or words and click the search button to retrieve related commodity codes.

Choosing Commodity Codes in WEBS
Check the box next to the code(s) you would like to add to your vendor profile. This selection will determine what bidding opportunities you may be notified about.

Click the ADD button to add your choices to your profile.

A list of available commodity codes will return based on your search criteria. Vendors may select from the list of available codes or vendors may go back and modify their search criteria.

Choosing Commodity Codes in WEBS
Searching Tips
•Use the following tools to help identify the categories of goods and services you may be interested in: •State Forms Library link in WEBS •Access to list of commodity categories in WEBS

•Access to list of all commodity codes currently in WEBS
•Search using broad categories instead of specific product lines •Search using quotes to find an exact matches (“household furniture”)

•Search using AND to find codes that contain both key words (household and furniture)

Geographic Designations
Vendors identify which geographic designations they are willing to provide goods or services in. Select from a list of Counties in Washington State. See map below.

Manage Profile & Passwords
Vendors manage their own profile and passwords in WEBS. Vendors may update their vendor profile at any time.

Click on MAKE CHANGES TO PROFILE button to update your vendor account or change your password.

State Forms Library

Vendors have access to additional information through the State Forms Library. The library is used to provide access to useful information and or resources. Vendors may download documents from the library.

View History
Select Notified or Downloaded from the drop down. Click on the SEARCH button to view your vendor’s history.

Vendors have the ability to view a history of the bids for which they were notified or have downloaded.

Manage Contacts

Click the ADD button to add an additional contact

The account administrator may add as many additional contacts to their WEBS vendor profile as they wish. Additional contacts may be set up to receive notification of bid opportunities.

Additional Contacts

Additional contacts in WEBS have the ability to: •Search for and download bidding opportunities •View vendor profile information

•Download documents from State Forms Library
Additional contacts do not have rights to modify vendor profile information.

Useful Information & Customer Support
WEBS Resource Page and Login http://www.ga.wa.gov/webs
Public Bid Calendar: https://fortress.wa.gov/ga/webs/bidcalendar.aspx Email for WEBS Customer Service: webscustomerservice@ga.wa.gov Phone for WEBS Customer Service: (360) 902-7400 Hours for WEBS Customer Service – 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST, M – F

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