Inception of Silicon Valley Civilization in the Globalization by variablepitch337


									Inception of Silicon Valley Civilization in the Globalization
(A collection of materials with special reference to the knowledge of selected students in the University of Colombo)

Dr Ajantha Hapuarachchi University of Colombo-SriLanka Abstract Most of all Globalization in terms of its definition is specially connected with commerce, and media technology. After invention of speedy and fastest methods of sending messages it could make the world as one place of living for human beings. The world is a collective invention of man. The man has passed a long way of his human journey . It is proved by the civilization as found in Mesopotamia, Babylonian, and Indus-Valleys. New civilization era started from industrial age and it continued to pass electric, electronic and information era. After the industrial age, the world changed rapidly passing the electric age, electronic age, information age and have now reached digital age. All these ages came into being with special inventions such as analog computer, satellite, microprocessor, and so on. Digital computer cleared the path for new technology and the invention of the PC was the major discovery in history. Then world became a digital era or cyber era with the revolution of the computer discovery. Computer has started to do all kinds of human work. Therefore people in the north were able to connect with the man south in the world in a second. This is denoted as inter connection and interaction. In my analysis I would rather prefer to identify this revolution as “Silicon valley civilization”, instead of Globalization.

Special Issue of the International Journal of the Computer, the Internet and Management, Vol. 13 No.SP2, October, 2005


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