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					GCSE Literature

 Revision Guide


 1   Introduction
 2   The Literature Exam
 3   Poetry – Duffy / Armitage (& Pre-1914)
              Heaney / Clarke (& Pre-1914)
 4   Prose – Of Mice and Men
             Lord of the Flies

 5   What Next?
         Heaney/Clark/Pre-1914 Poetry

Tuesday 19 May
For both sections of your literature exam, the
examiners will be looking for evidence that
you can:

  • Respond to texts critically, picking out
    and commenting on detailed examples

  • Comment on the effects of language,
    structure and form on the reader and
    consider different possible

  • Make comparisons within and between
    texts showing that you can explore
    ways in which two or more texts can be
    linked together / contrasted

The best way to prepare for the exam is to
make detailed notes and to test yourself by
doing some practice questions. We’ve
included some past papers and mark
schemes on the intranet site – don’t forget, if
you want more help, you can always ask
your teacher!?
 POETRY: Duffy / Armitage or Heaney/Clarke
         and Pre-1914 Poetry

Check out the next page for a full list of the KEY POEMS you
should have studied for Literature. The list shows which poems
the exam board are most likely to name in the questions they
set – so it’s well worth making sure you are confident about all
of them!
The exam board recommend that students study all 8 of the
poems by their chosen poets (Duffy/Armitage or Heaney/Clarke).
The list of Key Poems is intended to pinpoint the poems that
offer the most opportunities for comparison and which should
therefore be the focus of your revision.

Seamus Heaney / Gillian Clarke & Pre1914
Mid term break          Baby Sitting           Tennyson
                                               The Eagle
                        On the train           Yeats
Follower                                       Song of the Old Mother
Digging                 Catrin                 Ben Jonson
                                               On My First Sonne
Death of a Naturalist   The field Mouse        John Clare

At a potato digging     Cold Knap Lake         Walt Whitman
                                               Patrolling Barnegat
Storm on the Island     A Difficult Birth      Wordsworth
                                               The Affliction of Margaret
Digging                 Catrin                 Ben Jonson
                                               On My First Sonne
Death of a Naturalist   The field Mouse        John Clare

Carol Ann Duffy / Simon Armitage & Pre1914
Stealing                My father thought it   Thomas Hardy
                                               The Man he killed
Salome                  November               Yeats
                                               Song of the Old Mother
Elvis’ Twin Sister      Kid                    Ben Jonson
                                               On My First Sonne
Havisham                The Hitcher            Browning
                                               The Laboratory

Anne Hathaway           Mother, any distance   Shakespeare
                                               Sonnet 130
Before you were mine    Homecoming             Browning
                                               My Last Duchess
Stealing                Kid                    Ben Jonson
                                               On My First Sonne
Havisham                The Hitcher            Browning
                                               The Laboratory
 Carol Ann Duffy & Simon Armitage

Seamus Heaney & Gillian Clarke
PROSE: Of Mice and Men
       Lord of the Flies

                           Now, what was it they
                           said?…Ah yes,
                           SPEND 45 MINUTES
                           on this section…what
                           do I for the rest of the
                           time then?
In SECTION A you will have a choice of 2 questions about
the PROSE text that you have been studying in class…

When you open the question paper, you will have to look
for the questions based on the text you have been

This will be either Of Mice and Men, or I’m the King of the
Castle or AQA Short Stories

NOT STUDIED! (you’d be amazed how many people do!?)

Whichever text you have been studying, the examiners will be
asking you the same kind of questions. You will need to know your
book really well as you will be expected to have a clear
understanding of:

        •   Characters / characterisation
        •   Themes / ideas
        •   Structure
        •   Writer’s use of language

Start by writing a summary of each chapter (or story if you’re doing
the AQA short stories) and make sure for each one you have
made notes on each of the topics listed above!

You will NOT be allowed to take your own copy of the text into the
exam. A CLEAN COPY will be given to you in the exam hall!
                          JOHN STEINBECK

“The best laid schemes o’ mice and men
Gang aft agley
And leave us nought but grief and pain
For promised joy”
                            ‘To a Mouse’ Robert Burns
                                          William Golding

‘Fancy thinking the Best was something you could hunt
and kill!’ said the head. For a moment or two, the forest
and all the other dimly appreciated places echoed with the
parody of laughter. ‘You knew, didn’t you? I’m part of
you? Close, close, close! I’m the reason why it’s no go!
Why things are what they are!’

                                  Chapter 8, Gift for the Darkness
            Sample Exam questions
Poetry (Higher)
Poetry (Foundation)
Prose (Higher)
Prose (Foundation)
Now that you have worked your way through
the activities in this booklet you should test
your progress by logging on to the BBC
Bitesize website at www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize

A full copy of the current specification for
GCSE English Literature (3712) and complete
mark schemes are also available from
www.aqa.org.uk where you will also find a
student zone which is dedicated to answering
any last minute questions you might have.

Good luck!