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Technical Specifications
TD-23 modem
Technical specification
TD-23 modem

Product                                                     Interface 1 9-position D-sub, female
The TD-23 can be used for point to point or multidrop
applications connecting equipment supporting either an                             Pos. no
                                                             Directi-                        ITU-T
RS-232/V.24 or RS-422/485 interface. The modem is                        D -sub     Screw             Description
                                                               on                             V.24
designed for 2- or 4-wire leased lines and meets the
ITU-T V.23 standard.                                            O          1            ñ    109      DCD/Data Carrier Detect
Half duplex transmission is possible over 2-wire circuits
                                                                O          2            4    104      RD/Received Data
and full duplex on 4-wire, in both cases data rates up to
1200 bit/s are possible. The transmission level and             I          3            3    103      TD/TRansmitted Data
receiver sensitivity of the TD-23 can be adjusted by DIP-
switches which makes it possible to communicate over            ñ          5            5    102      SG/Signal Ground
long distances on private lines poor line quality.
                                                                O          6            ñ    107      DSR/Data Set Ready

Denomination                                                    I          7            ñ    105      RTS/Request To Send
40 500 957 TD-23 230V AC
40 500 958 TD-23 24V DC                                         O          8            ñ    106      CTS/Clear To Send

Approved standards                                          Interface 2 9-position screwblock
EMC                                         EN 50081-1
EMC                                         EN 50081-2       Direction            Pos. no        ITU-T V.11 Description
Safety                                       EN 60950
                                                                 I                  9              Ai (R+)
Safety                                       EN 41003
                                                                 I                  8            Bí (Rñ)
Temperature                         5 to 50°C surrounding       I/O                 7              A (T+)
Humidity (non-condensing)                       0-95% RH
                                                                I/O                 6            B (Tñ)

                                                                                                                                This specification may change without further notice
                                                                ñ                   5            Shield
Size (W x H x D)                         55 x 100 x 128
Weight                                           0,4 kg
Mounting                              On 35 mm DIN-rail     Interface 3 4-position screwblock

                                                             Direction            Pos. no        Description
Power supply alternativs
                                                                 I                  3            Receiver (4-wire)

 Model description      TD -23 AC           TD -23 DC
                                                                 I                  4            Receiver (4-wire)

 Power supply        230 V +15/-10%     24 V DC +50/50%         I/O                  1           Transceiver (2-/4-wire)

                     100 mA S5x20mm      1,6 A F 5x20mm
 Fuse, F1                                                       I/O                 2            Transceiver (2-/4-wire)
                         Littlefuse          Littlefuse

 Power consuption        20 mA               1,5 W          Technical data
                                                            Transmission      Asynchronous, full/half duplex or simplex
                                                                                                                                TD-23 modem 04.01.Eng 08.02 @ITT Flygt AB 894292

 Transient                                                  Transmission rate                          Up to 1200 bit/s
 protection              Yes/Yes              -/Yes
 Power / Line
                                                            Indicators                    PWR, TD, RD, RTS, CTS, DCD
                                                            Mounting                                    35 mm DIN rail
 Isolation RMS                                              Line                  2-wire half duplex, 4-wire full duplex
 Data Interfaces         1500 V              1500 V         Transient protection                                     Yes
 Power supply            3000 V              1500 V
                                                            Relay output                                             Yes
                                                            Galvanic isolation                                       Yes
                                                            Max. no of units      Typical value is 16 units (multidrop)


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