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Comparatives and Superlatives forms of adjectives and adverbs by variablepitch336

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									Comparatives and Superlatives forms of adjectives and adverbs

Comparatives can only be done with two. 2 people 2 animals 2 things 2 places

+ sign = more - sign = less

= sign = the same, as

One syllable adjectives + sign tall er than cute r than big ger than hot ter than fast er than nice r than sad der than short er than cold er than

Irregular adjectives and adverbs

Good, well -bad -far ---

better than worse than farther than further than

Two or more syllable adjectives or adverbs more … than more modern than more clever than less difficult than more beautiful than

- Less less tall than less difficult than less important than

= as … as as intelligent as as wealthy as as tired as When two things are not equal use not as … as John’s grades are not as good as mine.

Our cat is not as friendly as your dog is Our son doesn’t visit us as often as our daughter does.

Two syllable adjectives that end in “y” change the “y” to “i” + er
happy dirty easy busy friendly happier dirtier easier busier friendlier

Comparatives with Nouns and Verbs

Nouns more + non count + than She has more money than her sister less + non count + than This tank holds less water.

more + count + than This class has more students than the other class. fewer + count + than This class has fewer students

As much + non count + as I eat as much bread as you do.

As many + count + as I have as many classes as you.

The same + count or non count nouns + as The same + noun + as I have the same dress as you. Jimmy is the same height as Franck.

I am taking as many classes as Carla. I am taking the same number of classes as Carla.

I drink as much water as you. I drank the same amount of water as you.

Similar to Different from

Noun 1 + verb + like + noun 2 Pedro looks like his sister.

Noun 1 + noun 2 +verb + alike
Natalia and Maria look alike.

We often use the verbs of perception with like and alike look sound smell taste feel seem We can also use verbs like: act, like, sing like, dress like, be like

To be like I am like my sister in many ways.

Verbs verb+ more + than I exercise more than you.
verb + less + than I eat less than you. verb + as much as I drink as much as you

The more,… the more the more,… the merrier the bigger,… the better The more they practice, the better they play.

The older you are, the harder it is to learn a foreign language.

More and more This class is getting more and more difficult. Gas is getting more and more expensive every day.

The superlative form of adjectives and adverbs is used to compare three or more people, places, and things the + adjective or adverb + noun + prepositional phrase
The tallest student in the class the most intimidating man I have ever known

the happiest day of my life the easiest exam I have ever taken

Their sister is the smartest of all.

the best the worst the farthest
She is the best student in her class. This is the worst book that I have ever used in this class The least interesting story

Superlative forms of nouns
The most + non count The least + non count I did the most homework in the class. The most + count The fewest + count I read the most books out of all the students in the class

Superlatives of Verbs verb + the most Verb + the least

I understand the most. We see our grandchildren the least often. She danced the most at the party.

One of the often comes before a superlative adjective. One of the selects one item from a superlative group. That was one of the happiest days of my life.

My family recently moved. Our new apartment is a lot ---(large) and --- (comfortable) our previous one. In fact, it is -- (big) and --- (luxurious) apartment that we have ever lived in. It has four bedrooms. My bedroom is --- (small) of the four, but it has --- (good) view of the park across the street. My older sister’s bedroom is next to mine. It is --(same size) her bedroom in our old place. She chose it because it is --- (close) to the bathroom of all the bedrooms. She thinks she is going to be first in the bathroom during the morning rush. She spends ½ hour making herself beautiful, which is --- (long) the rest of the family combined and we hardly have time to brush our teeth. In our new apartment, I guess I will have to get up -- (early) my sister if I want to get to school on time.
The Essential of English-Anne Hogue

Some adjectives and adverbs can not be compared: perfect, unique, dead, impossible, infinite. They cannot logically be modified by more or most. He was a unique student.

The end!

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