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									Preview Lesson 17 Adjectives

Adjective Declension
1. 2. Adjectives decline in 5 cases, 3 genders, 2 numbers. Most adjectives of first/second declension have three sets of terminations: masculine (&oj), feminine (&h or &a), neuter (&on). Adjectives of first/second declension whose stems do not end in e( i( or r have &h in feminine. All words in vocabulary # 113 are &h type in feminine.
a. b. c. Most dictionaries list adjectives thus: avgaqo,j &h &on) Put &h &on after each word on vocabulary cards to show fem./neut. endings. Add o[loj &h &on – whole.

3. 4.


See # 115 for declension of avgaqo,j.

Singular Masc.

Plural Neut. Masc. Fem. Neut.


avgaqo avgaqh avgaqo avgaqo avgaqa avgaqa, ,j , ,n i, i, Gen avgaqo avgaqh avgaqo avgaqw avgaq avgaqw u/ /j u/ /n w/n /n Dat avgaqw avgaqh avgaq avgaqo avgaqa avgaqo /| /| w/| i/j i/j i/j Acc avgaqo avgaqh avgaqo avgaqo avgaqa, avgaqa, 6. Note ,n endings are same as corresponding nouns. that ,n ,n u,j j 7. Voc Accent is “persistent.” avgaqe, avgaqh avgaqo avgaqa avgaqa, 8. Gen. fem. pl. does not take automatic circumflex on ultima as , ,n avgaqo i, noun does. i, 9. Circumflex in gen. and dat. is by oxytone rule.

Adjective Usage
1. Adjective must agree in case, gender, and number with noun it modifies (# 117).
• • • tou/ pistou/ dou,lou th|/ prw,th| h`me,ra| kalh|/ o`dw|/ Attributive adjective – describes, qualifies, tells which one.
• • • • Attributive position: Article immediately precedes adjective. o` pisto,j dou/loj = the faithful servant o` dou/loj o` pisto,j = the faithful servant dou/loj o` pisto,j = the faithful servant Predicate position: Article does not immediately precede adjective. Verb may be expressed or understood (supplied in translation). o` dou/loj pisto,j = the servant is faithful pisto,j o` dou/loj = the servant is faithful


Attributive and predicate “position” (#118-119)


Predicate adjective – makes additional statement
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