Cornell Notes Possessive Adjectives by variablepitch336


									Cornell Notes: Possessive Adjectives Topics Notes Posessive • Possessive adjectives show ownership or relationships between people. Adjective They are placed before the noun. basics Owner Owner Yo Mi libro My book Nosotros Nuestro libro Our book Nuestra casa Our house Mis libros My books Nuestros libros Our books Nuestras casas Our houses Tú Tu libro Your book Vosotros Vuestro libro Your book Vuestra casa Your house Tus libros Your books Vuestros libros Your books Vuestras casas Your houses Él Su libro His book Ellos Su libro Their book Sus libros His books Sus libros Their books Ella Su libro Her book Ellas Su libro Their book Sus libros Her books Sus libros Their books Usted Su libro Your book Ustedes Su libro Their book Sus libros Your books Sus libros Their books Gender and • While possessive adjectives refer to the owner, their form agrees in gender number and number with the noun that comes after them. agreement Examples • Martín vive con sus abuelos. Notice that Martin and sus agrees, and that abuelos and sus agrees. • Carlos y yo vivimos con nuestra abuela. Notice that Carlos y yo agrees with nuestra, and then nuestra is feminine because of abuela. • Basically we choose the word depending on the person who owns the item, and make it agree with the gender and number of the item itself.

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