Sentence Practice Adjectives 1 - 10 by variablepitch336


									Sentence Completion Practice: Adjectives 1 - 10


Directions: Hide your vocabulary list! Then, for each sentence below: 1) If you find a switch word or punctuation, circle it. 2) Write 1 for one-way flow or 2 for two-way flow in the right margin. 3) Think about how to organize the sentence in two or three blocks of meaning. Try other strategies which we discussed such as comparing structure, visualizing what’s happening, looking for synonyms/antonyms, using a conversing voice, paying close attention to the little clues such as punctuation or whether a word is singular or plural. 4) When you can complete the sentence with YOUR OWN WORD, write it in the blank. 5) In the space below the sentence, explain how you figured out what word to put in the blank. When you have finished all of the sentences, retrieve your vocabulary list. For each sentence, choose the vocabulary word which best matches your word in the blank. Write the vocabulary word beside the sentence in the left margin.

1. A(n) ____________________ student of golf history as well as the game, Tiger Woods can recall the details of every high profile tournament.

2. Because their new business plan called for the corporation to rapidly expand by purchasing many successful, more innovative companies, the board members hired a new chief executive officer with a(n) ____________________ nature.

3. Because they require a mixture of salt and fresh water, some plants only grow in the ____________________ areas of the coast.

4. _______________________ Eric never said a word, but candid Ella confessed.

5. Jokes certainly do not belong in a United Nations presentation on Global Hunger, but ____________________ anecdotes which illustrate the problem do.

6. Often we experience, and usually regret, the personal conflict of powerful intentions and ____________________ behavior.

7. On the return trip, we cut straight across the meadows rather than take the more____________________ path along the river.

8. While most people raved about the evening’s performance, the newspaper’s critic published a long, ____________________ list of petty complaints.

9. As he inspected the finished painting, “____________________!” cried the artist, sobbing, quite (10) ____________________. “It could be any artist’s landscape, anywhere, anytime! I don’t want to be so mediocre!”

11. The defendant’s ____________________ testimony surprised the jury who had expected instead a rambling, disconnected story, and it remained (12)____________________ to the version of events as told by other witnesses and experts.

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