Worksheet and a list of adjectives stimulating students by variablepitch336


									PHC Wing Kwong College 2006-2007 Secondary 2: English Language Language Art: Poetry (I) Writing Acrostic Poems I) What is the name of your figure? Do you know we can make use of the NAME to write a poem? A. Introducing the Acrostic Poem

Stephanie To Shining bright Twinkling light A diamond is glittering in this Romantic night In an Acrostic poem, the ____________ letter of each line spells a word, usually using the _______ words as in the title. B. Writing your poem. Write an Acrostic poem about yourself. Start each line of your poem with the letters in your name.


II) You are going to create the cover of your portfolio using the figure and the poem. Remember to include your name, class and class number.

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