Adjectives Practice 1

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					Adjectives Practice 1
An adjective describes a noun or a pronoun. Iguanas bask on rocks. More than 300 workers will be idle when the Burlington plant closes. More,300,Burlington

Write the adjectives in each sentence. 1. The second annual Phoenix Film Festival was held in February. (2 adjectives)

2. The bullfight is a Spanish tradition. (1 adjective)

3. The sailors swore they saw a gigantic octopus. (1 adjective)

4. I had a hard time getting the thread to go through the eye of the needle. (1 adjective)

5. The outback is the name given to the very dry interior of Australia. (1 adjective)

6. The Australian golfer won the first major tournament he entered. (3 adjectives)

7. I will finish my math work later. (1 adjective)

8. My approach to training the dog was to be very patient and calm. (2 adjectives)

9. Our time is very precious so we should make sure we spend it wisely. (3 adjectives)

10. We should respect our parents for trying to teach us right from wrong. (2 adjectives)

11. We bought some stones from the local 12. Those allegations are false, and his quarry. (2 adjectives) lawsuit is frivolous. (3 adjectives)

13. If I eat too much, I often get drowsy a few minutes after finishing my meal. (4 adjectives)

14. The keen knife cut my finger. (1 adjective)