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ADJECTIVES ENDING IN –ED OR –ING LCP D-F 67.01, 83.06, 101.02 Demonstrate English skills necessary to apply standard grammar structures………….. “The flick was disappointing.” This means that the movie caused disappointment; therefore, you are disappointed. This means that you feel disappointed, so a movie or any other object can never feel disappointed. Things are incapable of feeling! Never use –ed adjectives when you are talking about things. “The flick was disappointed.” NO. NEVER. “The flick was disappointing.” YES. EXACTLY. However, you may use –ing or –ed adjectives for people or animals, but be aware of what you are expressing. A person can be interested. This means that the person feels interest. A person can also be interesting. This indicates that this person causes others to feel interested. There is confusion regarding the proper use of these adjectives. If you take the time to analyze these points, you should have no problems using these sometimes problematic words. Good luck! I. COMPLETE TWO SENTENCES FOR EACH SITUATION. USE AN ADJECTIVE ENDING IN –ING OR –ED TO COMPLETE EACH SENTENCE.


It’s been raining all day. I hate this weather.


a) This weather is _______________. b) This weather makes me feel _____________.

2. Astronomy is one of Tom’s main interests.


a) Tom is _____________ in astronomy. b) He finds astronomy______ _________________.

3. I turned off the television in the middle of the program.


a) The program was __________________. b) I was __________________.

4. Ann is going to the breathtaking state of Iowa next month.


a) She is really _____________ about going. b) It will be an ______________ experience for her.

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5. Diana teaches young children. It’s a really tough job.


a) She often finds her job very ___________. b) At the end of the day’s work she is extremely ____________.


CHOOSE THE RIGHT ADJECTIVE. 1. I was really looking forward to seeing that movie, but unfortunately it was lousy. I was disappointed/disappointing with it because it was bored/boring. 2. It’s sometimes embarrassing/embarrassed when you have to ask people for money. 3. Are you interesting/interested in speaking English fluently? 4. I enjoyed going to the soccer game which ended in a tie. It was very excited/exciting. 5. It was an extremely terrifying/terrified mishap. Afterward every single person was shocking/shocked.


fascinating exciting amusing amazing astonishing shocking disgusting embarrassing confusing

fascinated excited amused amazed astonished shocked disgusted embarrassed confused

horrifying terrifying frightening depressing worrying annoying exhausting satisfying

horrified terrified frightened depressed worried annoyed exhausted satisfied

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