Prepositions and Adjectives by variablepitch336


									Prepositions and Adjectives
Here are the correct answers with the preposition/adjective combinations in Italic Font. Do you get bored with work easily? Do you want to be excellent at anything? Are you always aware of your looks? Are you worried about anything today? Is it rude of people to speak Taiwanese in class? Do you think it’s stupid of people to smoke? Are you ever ashamed of your parents? What sports are you excellent at? Are you proud of your English ability? Have you ever been really surprised by somebody? Are you sometimes cruel to your friends? Are you really proud of one thing you’ve done in the past? Do you ever get fed up with school or work? What things are you afraid of? Are you sometimes jealous of other people? What thing do you really get upset about? Have you ever been really annoyed with somebody? Are you sometimes confused by your parents? Are you capable of learning English? Are you content with your life?


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