Adjectives Poem by variablepitch336

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A Poem by Miss Golub

Types of Adjectives
Common, proper, predicate,   Comparative and superlative, too,   Demonstrative and articles,   These are the adjectives I’ve taught you.

Common Adjectives
What kind, how many, which one,   That’s what common adjectives describe,   They add description to our writing,   And make nouns and pronouns come alive.

Proper Adjectives
Proper adjectives come from proper nouns,   And they start with a capital letter,   They sometimes have a special ending,   And they make our writing better.

Predicate Adjectives
Predicate adjectives follow linking verbs,   Together they reveal state of being,   (To remember linking verbs,   All you have to do is just start singing!)

Demonstrative Adjectives
Demonstrative adjectives point to something,   Like these books or this car,   But we would use that and those,   If we see the object is far.

Articles are so significant,   We use them every day,   They are the tiniest but the most common,   Articles are “the,” “an,” and “a.”

What If…?
Now what if all these adjectives,   Were banished from the land?   What would the world be like?   I think it would be very bland.

What If…? continued
The world would look so empty,   Like pages in a new coloring book,   Our senses would be wanting to know,   How things feel, taste, sound, smell, and look!

Use those adjectives!
So put adjectives in your writing,   Use them often and purposefully,   Because, then, when someone reads your writing,   They can visualize what YOU see!

Use those adjectives, continued!
So make your writing descriptive,   Make it detailed and colorful,   Since you’re now all adjective experts,   Your writing will be even more wonderful!

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