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									Adjectives An adjective describes, or modifies, a noun or a pronoun. Limiting Adjectives: 1. Determiners  Articles: a, an, and the  Demonstrative pronouns: this, that, those, and these  Numbers  Possessive pronouns: his, her, their, our, its, your, my  Possessive nouns: Tom’s car  Indefinite pronouns: some, few, many, several, no, any Descriptive Adjectives: 1. Describe Examples: red, high, fine 2. Tell what kind? 3. May end in the following suffixes: ous dangerous, courageous, famous ful cheerful, beautiful, sorrowful able remarkable, capable, adorable y silly, watery, rainy ible incredible, irresistible, deductible ive creative, productive, secretive less priceless, penniless, sugarless al special, final, postal Proper Adjective Proper adjectives are descriptive words derived from proper nouns and are therefore, always capitalized. Swiss cheese Chinese food

Degrees of Adjectives Adjectives often make comparisons. a. Comparative compares two b. Superlative compares three or more Comparative: 1. Add er to most one-syllable adjectives: high/higher big/bigger 2. Add er to many two-syllable adjectives. lovely/lovelier happy/happier 3. Place more (or less) before many two-syllable adjectives. partial/more partial loyal/ less loyal 4. Some adjectives totally change form. good/better bad/worse

Superlative: 1. Add est to most one-syllable adjectives high/highest big/biggest 2. Add est to many two-syllable adjectives lovely/loveliest happy/happiest 3. Place most (or least) before many two-syllable words. partial/most partial loyal/ least loyal 4. Place most (or least) before three-syllable adjectives. wonderful/most wonderful beautiful/most beautiful 5. Some adjectives totally change form. good/best bad/worst Predicate Adjective 1. Occurs after the verb in a declarative sentence. 2. Describes the subject of the sentence. 3. Must contain a linking verb: feel become remain taste seem stay look sound be ( is, am, are, was, smell grow were, being, be, appear be) Remember: to check for a linking verb, try replacing the verb with a form of be. If you can do this without altering the meaning of the sentence, the verb is linking. The milk smells sour. The milk is sour. 4. An interrogative sentence usually has the predicate adjective and the noun or pronoun after the verb. Are your eyes blue? Make a question into a statement and then find the predicate adjective. Your eyes are blue. 5. When you believe there is a predicate adjective in the sentence, ask yourself these three questions.  Is there a linking verb?  Does the adjective occur after the verb?  Does the adjective go back and describe the subject?

Order of Adjectives In English, it is common to use more than one adjective before a noun – for example, “He’s a silly young fool,” or “She’s a smart, energetic woman.” When you use more than one adjective, you have to put them in the right order, according to type.

Numbers Any number or numeral Two children, 10 years Opinion An opinion adjective explains what you think about something (other people may not agree with you. Examples: silly, beautiful, horrible, difficult Size A size adjective, of course, tells you how big or small something is. Examples: large, tiny, enormous, little Age An age adjective tells you how young or old something or someone is. Example: ancient, new, young, old Shape A shape adjective describes the shape of something. Examples: square, round, flat, rectangular Color A color adjective, or course, describes the color of something. Examples: blue, pink, reddish Origin An origin adjective describes where something comes from. Examples: French, lunar, American, eastern Material A material adjective describes what something is made from. Examples: wooden, metal, cotton, paper Purpose A purpose adjective describes what something is used for. These adjectives often end with “-ing”. Examples: sleeping (as in “sleeping bag”)

Ability – condition able adequate alive assured authoritative bold brainy brave busy careful capable cautious clever competent concerned confident courageous curious determined durable Anger-Hostility agitated aggravated aggressive angry annoyed arrogant belligerent biting blunt bullying callous combative contrary cool cranky creepy Alive animated frisky playful

dynamic eager easy effective energetic fearless firm forceful gallant gentle hardy healthy heavy heroic important influential innocent intense inquisitive jerky cross cruel cranky creepy cross cruel defiant disagreeable enraged envious evil fierce furious hard harsh hateful courageous impulsive provocative

knotted spirited light stable lively steady loose stouthearted lucky strong manly super mighty sure modern tame open tough outstanding victorious powerful virile real zealous relaxed rich robust secure sharp shy skillful smooth hostile impatient inconsiderate insensitive intolerant irritated mad mean nasty obnoxious obstinate outrage perturbed repulsive resentful rough energetic liberated spirited rude savage severe spiteful tense terse vicious vindictive violent wicked wrathful

free optimistic thrilled

Confused disillusioned hesitant perplexed stupefied uneasy

distrustful indecisive pessimistic tense unsure

doubtful lost shy unbelieving upset

embarrassed misgiving skeptical uncertain

Depression-Sadness-Gloom abandoned debased alien defeated alienated degraded alone dejected awful demolished battered depressed blue desolate bored despairing burned despised cheapened despondent crushed destroyed loathed obsolete lonely ostracized lonesome overlooked lousy pathetic low pitiful miserable rebuked mishandled regretful mistreated rejected moody reprimanded mournful rotten Distress afflicted anguished awkward baffled bewildered clumsy confused constrained disgusted disliked displeased dissatisfied distrustful disturbed doubtful foolish futile grief helpless hindered impaired impatient imprisoned lost

discarded discouraged dismal downcast downhearted downtrodden dreadful estranged excluded forlorn forsaken ruined rundown sad scornful sore stranded tearful terrible tired unhappy nauseated offended pained perplexed puzzled ridiculous sickened silly skeptical speechless strained suspicious

gloomy glum grim hated homeless hopeless horrible humiliated hurt jilted kaput unloved whipped worthless wrecked

swamped tormented touchy troubled ungainly unlucky unpopular unsatisfied unsure weary

Doubtful distrustful perplexed unbelieving Eager anxious earnest keen Fear-Anxiety afraid agitated alarmed anxious apprehensive bashful dangerous desperate dreading Fearless audacious courageous encouraged heroic self-reliant Feeling Words hard hassled hateful helpful helpless hesitant high hollow hopeful horrified hostile humiliated hung up

dubious questioning uncertain ardent enthusiastic zealous eerie embarrassed fearful frantic frightened hesitant horrified insecure intimidated

hesitant skeptical wavering avid hot-headed

indecisive suspicious

desirous intent

jealous jittery jumpy nervous on edge overwhelmed panicky restless scared

shaky shy strained tense terrified timid uncomfortable uneasy upset worrying certain determined hardy secure

bold daring enterprising reassured spirited involved irate irked irresponsible irritated jealous jittery joyous left out lively lonely lost loving

brave dauntless gallant resolute stout hearted paralyzed peeved perceptive perturbed petrified phony pressured proud pulled apart put-down quarrelsome ravished ravishing

sneaky sorry spontaneous squelched wild willing wiped-out withdrawn stiff stimulated stifled strangled stubborn

hurt hyper ignorant impatient important impotent impressed incompetent incomplete independent insecure innocent insignificant insincere inspired insulted intimate intolerant Helpless alone empty hesitant paralyzed vulnerable Hurt aching appalled distressed humiliated mournful piteous tormented woeful Indifferent bold insensitive preoccupied

lucky low malicious miserable misunderstood moody mystified nervous numb obsessed offended open ornery out of control overwhelmed overjoyed pampered panicky despair fatigued incapable pathetic woeful afflicted crushed grieved in despair offended rejected tortured worried cold lifeless reserved

refreshed regretful rejected violent vulnerable relaxed relieved repulsed repulsive revengeful rotten safe satiated secure self-centered self-conscious shattered shot-down distressed forced inferior tragic

stunned subdued submissive suffocated tender thrilled ticked tolerant tormented unapproachable unaware uncertain valuable valued zapped

dominated frustrated in a stew useless

agonized dejected hapless injured pained rueful tragic wronged disinterested neutral weary

alienated deprived heartbroken in pain pathetic suffering victimized

dull nonchalant

Inability-Inadequacy anemic exposed ashamed fragile broken frail catatonic harmless cowardly helpless crippled impotent defeated inadequate defective incapable deficient incompetent demoralized ineffective disabled inept exhausted inferior Interested absorbed engrossed inquisitive affected excited intrigued

insecure meek mummified naughty powerless puny shaken shivering sickly small trivial unable concerned fascinated nosy honorable hospitable interested just kind kindly lenient lovable loving mellow mild moral neighborly obliging open confident kind sympathetic

uncertain unfit unimportant unqualified unsound useless vulnerable weak

curious inquiring snoopy optimistic patient receptive reliable sympathetic tolerant trustworthy truthful understanding unselfish warm worthy

Love-Affection-Concern admire considerate adorable cooperative affectionate cordial agreeable courteous altruistic dedicated amiable devoted benevolent empathetic benign fair brotherly faithful caring forgiving charming friendly charitable generous comforting genuine congenial giving conscientious honest Open accepting free reliable amazed interested satisfied

easy receptive understanding

Positive anxious enthusiastic keen Quantity ample abundant chock-full copious dearth empty few heavy

determined excited

eager inspired

earnest intent

lavish liberal light loads lots many meager much

numerous oodles paucity plentiful plenty profuse scads scant

scarcity skimpy sparing sparse sufficient well-stocked

Sight-Appearance adorable crooked alert crowded animated crystalline arrogant curved awkward cute beautiful dark blazing dazzling blinding decorative blotched deep bright dingy brilliant dismal broad dim bruised distinct blonde dotted bloody drab blushing dramatic bold dull cheap elegant chubby energetic clean erect clear exotic cloudy fancy cluttered fiery congested filthy contoured flashy crinkled flat crisp flowery

fluid fluffy foggy freckled fresh fuzzy gigantic glamorous glassy glazed gleaming glistening glossy glowing graceful grimy grotesque hazy heavy high hollow homely huge immense imposing iridescent irresistible

jammed jeweled large lavish lean light lithe lively loose massive miniature misty motionless mottled muddy murky muscular nappy narrow nervous obtuse old opaque opulent orderly overloaded packed

pale patterned perky poised pretty quaint radiant ramshackle regal rigid rotted rotund round shady shadowy shallow sheer shimmering shiny showy shy Size ample average behemoth bulky colossal diminutive dwarfed elfin Smell acid briny earthy gamy moldy piney reeking sharp spoiled tempting

small skinny slender smoggy sparkling spotless spotted square stately steep stormy stout straight strange stretched striped sturdy supple tall tantalizing tied enormous fat gigantic great huge hulking immense

timid tiny translucent transparent ugly unsightly unusual weird wide wild wizened wrinkled young

mammoth massive microscopic middle-sized miniature minute petite

portly prodigious puny stupendous towering vast voluminous

acrid burnt fishy gaseous musty pungent rotten sickly stagnant

aromatic damp fragrant heady odorous putrid savory sour stench

balmy dank fresh mildewed perfumed rancid scented spicy sweet

Loud Sounds bang blare brawl clap din explode noise rage roar screech squawk thump whine Speech Sounds bellow growl scream speak whimper Soft Sounds beep clink harmony inaudible mute resonance snap tinkle Strong certain impulsive unique

bark blatant bray clash discord grate pandemonium rasp rowdy shout stamp thunder yell chatter guffaw screech stammer whisper bleat crackle hiss melody mutter rush speechless twitter dynamic rebellious

bawl bluster bump crash disorderly hubbub piercing raucous rumble slam stomp tumult

bedlam boom clamor deafening earsplitting jangle racket riot scream smash thud whistle

drawl laugh sing stutter yell buzz faint hum murmur patter rustle still whir free sure

giggle murmur snort talk

chime gurgle hush musical peep sigh swish whisper hardy tenacious

Taste alkaline burnt fruity medicinal peppery salty sugary unripe Touch cold dry fleshy gritty leathery prickly sandy slippery steamy thick warm

bitter buttery gingery mellow raw sour sweet vinegary cool dull fragile hairy lukewarm pulpy satiny smooth sticky thin waxy

bittersweet crisp hearty oily ripe spicy tangy

bland fishy hot overripe rotten spoiled tasteless

crisp elastic furry hot mushy rough sharp soft tender tough wet

damp feathery fuzzy icy oily rubbery silky spongy tepid velvety wooly

Outstanding Color Adjectives Black/ Gray ashen dove ebony jet licorice steel tar Green apple army avocado celery chartreuse emerald forest kelly leafy lime mint olive pistachio spinach Yellow/Orange apricot buff butter buttercup butterscotch canary custard ochre peach persimmon sulphur tangerine topaz Blue aqua aquamarine azure baby cobalt cornflower midnight navy peacock porcelain royal sapphire sky teal turquoise twilight violet Purple lavender lilac magenta mauve mulberry orchid plum violet White cream ivory marble milky oyster pearl platinum silver snow Brown almond amber beige bronze burnt chocolate cobalt coffee copper ginger hazel mahogany emerald nutmeg russet sandy umber Red burgundy cardinal cherry coral cranberry crimson garnet maroon pink raspberry rose ruby salmon scarlet strawberry vermilion wine

Personality Attributes Give your characters personality. Never again leave your readers wondering exactly what type of person it is they are reading about. absent-minded active affectionate aloof ambitious analytical angry argumentative artistic astute assertive boisterous bragging brash brave bubbly bully caring clever clinging comical confident conscientious courteous cowardly creative cynical discourteous defensive dependable depressed dishonest dreamer erratic ethical excitable expedient extravagant extroverted flexible forgetful forthright frightened genius gentle grief-stricken guilty happy hateful honest humble hysterical ill-tempered imaginative immature impish impulsive introverted jealous kind liberal logical lonely loud mad mature mischievous moralistic nervous neurotic no-nonsense obnoxious obsessed opinionated optimistic outgoing outlandish passive patriotic practical persuasive pessimistic philosophical pleasant precise prudent pushy quiet radical reflective relaxed remorseful reserved sad sarcastic sense of humor serene shy smart somber sophisticated stupid suspicious talented tearful tender tense tough-minded thoughtful timid threatening troubled uncontrolled undisciplined upset urgent venturesome visionary weak wise

Object Attributes Leave no doubt in the reader’s mind what is being described. Be specific!! airy angled angular arid awkward bitter blazing blotchy bold bony bouncy branching bright bumpy clean cheap clear coarse coils coil-like congested cork cork-like crisp crooked crunchy curved dark dazzling diluted dingy dismal dots dotted dull dusty drab dry elliptical exhausted exotic faded feathery fibery fiery flashy flimsy flowery fluffy fluid foamy formal freckled fresh geometric glassy glazed glistens glittery glowing gold-like golden grainy gummy hair-like hairy hardy iridescent irregular leafy lean liquidy loose loose-fitting magnetic magnified meaty meandering messy metallic microscopic miniature mirror-like muddy mulchy murky muscular narrow nutty oily opaque opulent orderly overloaded packed patterned perforated perfumed plastic porous powdery puffy putrid ramshackled reflecting rough ridges rigid robust rod-like rounded salty sappy scented scratchy shabby shallow shell-like sheer shiny shimmering shy silvery slender slimy slippery slinky slushy smelly smooth soapy sparkling spherical spindly spiral spongy spotted springy squared squashed squeaky squishy star-like sticky stout straight striped sturdy sugary supple sweet tart textured thin tight tiny tired translucent transparent triangular untidy ugly used veiny watery web-like wide wild willowy woody worn wrinkled young

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