Mutipotent, pluripotent and totipotent are adjectives, and the by variablepitch336


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Principal Directorate Patent Grant Automation - Directorate Classification Project: D039 Comments IPC range: C12N 25 May 2009


Annexes 54-59 of the definition file

Glossary of terms We would suggest the following changes in the glossary.

Mutipotent, pluripotent and totipotent are adjectives, and the definition given start with nouns; it would therefore be better to give the definition of mutipotent, pluripotent or totipotent stem cells as follows: multipotent stem cell the ability for a stem cell to give rise to multiple cell types

belonging to one particular embryonic germ layer, the endoderm, the mesoderm or the ectoderm

pluripotent stem cell

the ability for a cell to differentiate into cells of at least two of and

the three embryonic germ layers, the endoderm, the mesoderm the ectoderm

totipotent stem cell

the ability for a cell to generate a whole organism autonomously; totipotent mammalian cells thus can differentiate

into all three somatic lineages (endoderm or mesoderm or ectoderm), the germ line and extra-embryonic tissues such as the placenta.

Also, we would prefer for stem cell the following: stem cell cells capable of renewing themselves through mitotic cell division as well as

differentiating into a diverse range of specialized cell types. The term covers adult stem cells as well as embryonic stem cells (ES) as derived from blastocysts.
References In general, it is the classification practice at the EPO to consider all the references in C12N as limiting. However, we agree with all the comments from the US in A. 56.

Anne Glanddier

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