The importance of text SMS marketing in Direct Sales by variablepitch336


									The importance of text/ SMS marketing in Direct Sales and Marketing

Text Marketing or SMS Marketing is one of the most popular modes of marketing in vogue these days and is very much useful in direct sales and marketing. With mobile phones getting popular in different parts of the world, it's but natural for many direct marketing companies to think of making text messages or SMS messages as a suitable option for promotional activities. As per the quarterly report of the Mobile Data Association, submitted in February 2009, in the U.K alone there has been a 40% increase in 2008 in the volume of text messages sent, compared to that in 2007. This situation makes it a wise move on the part of many direct sales and marketing companies to opt for text marketing or SMS marketing. Text Marketing has many practical advantages that work in its favour in the modern context. The most notable one among these is that SMS messages have a wider reach, reaching out to all strata of the society and even catch people on the move. Texting is rather cheap and marketing messages can be sent to lots of people together, at one go. Moreover, since reading SMS texts don't take much time or effort, even the promotional kind of SMSs get read and are rarely ignored. Of course in SMS marketing too there are some negatives that are to be taken into account. Like tele-marketing, SMS marketing too is an intrusion into one's privacy and hence has to be handled with all discretion. There are legalities involved and hence the sender of the SMS messages should make it a point to strictly adhere to the laws of the land. Anyway, it's a matter of no doubt that SMS Marketing or Text Marketing is getting more and more popular and is one of the most powerful options open for any direct sales and marketing company.


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