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					Designing, edifying and enlivening space
The department Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering at the Bern University of Applied Sciences (BUAS) enjoys an international reputation as Switzerland‘s leading institution for higher education for the construction industry. We train architects, wood engineers, civil engineers and technicians to the highest standards. We are a leading provider of further, higher and continuing education courses. We perform research and development projects and offer a wide variety of services, all to the highest international standards.

Our mission statement
• • • • • • • • • We are a Swiss organisation with a global outlook. We train specialists and managers to ensure their thorough knowledge of technology, social competence and care for the environment. Our mission is to promote professional excellence in architecture, wood and civil engineering. Our courses and training opportunities are designed to ensure that our students have the theoretical background and practical knowledge required to achieve success as professionals in the construction industry. We transmit expert knowledge and specialist expertise. We are convinced that education, training and learning are ongoing, continuous processes. Our continuing education courses build on the expertise acquired in primary courses and take students on to the higher levels of specialisation. Innovation in the teaching of specialist skills in architecture, wood and civil engineering and in research is among our major priorities. This is why we have close links with the industry and collaborate with a network of training and research institutes world-wide. Our staff encourages a sense of community and a sense of social responsibility. Efficiency is important but we think creativity counts for a lot, too. We are committed to social responsibility and respect for the environment. We prefer the personal, human approach and the staff-student relationship is one of equals. Personal tutoring for students is one of the ways we create a relaxed, friendly and cooperative atmosphere. Our staff is committed to equal opportunities and to creating a quality workplace.

Our guiding principles
• • • • Our graduates are in world-wide demand – their success is our focus. Our projects work out professionally – we plan, build, research, carry out. Our staff shows identification and commitment – we value good relations, spirit and ability. Our partners esteem and trust us – they deserve respect and reliability.