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									Clinical Ethics Program
Vancouver Island Health Authority Rosanne Beuthin Veronica Morris Dr. Janet Storch Dr. Bernadette Pauly June 2009

The Region

Guiding Principles
Geographically All programs

Purpose of the Clinical Ethics Program
Purpose: To strengthen ethical practice among all those who work, practice and volunteer in the health authority.

Multi-disciplinary Physician involvement

To strengthen organizational ethics that support ethical practice in every area of the health region. To prepare and provide ongoing support of health care professionals for ethics consultation. Continued development and improvement of the clinical ethics program. To meet or exceed ethical standards as outlined in the accreditation standards. To build capacity in ethics knowledge and awareness of ethics resources by all staff. Development partnerships that enhance the development of ethical practice.

Major Components
Code of Ethics Health Ethics Handbook Web Site Ethics Consultation Service Ethics Committees

Code of Ethics
All inclusive Values-based Components
Values Value Statements Supplement

VIHA Code of Ethics Values
VALUES Respect Honesty Integrity Collaboration Justice Accountability

Health Ethics Handbook
People Written

Web Site
Committee Information Handbook Code of Ethics Resources General Information Case Studies

Theory Decision-making Models Code of Ethics Pocket Card

Models of Ethics Consultation
Individual Ethics Consultant Ethics Committee Ethics Consultation Team*

Ethics Consultation Team Required Proficiencies
1. Knowledge
Moral reasoning, ethics theory Ethical issues and concepts Knowledge of Clinical Practice Cultural and religious perspectives VA Integrated Ethics Program

Proficiencies Continued
2. Skills
Facilitation Skills Communication Skills Mediation Skills Analytic Skills (e.g. Critical analysis)

Consultation Service
Ethics resource staff
Variety of disciplines, programs & geographic locations

Confidential phone line Committed to respond within 24 hours or next working day

Ethics Resource Staff Education Program
ASBH core competencies Input from Andrea Frolic (HHS) Partnership with University of Victoria

…education program….
11 days (full day sessions) Split between theory and practice Introduction to range of theoretical perspectives: e.g. principles, virtues, consequentialism and so on. All staff completed mock intakes and mock consultations prior to beginning practice Share Point

Ethics Committees
Current Committee Structure Terms of reference Gaps

Additional Activities
General staff education Resource staff continuing education

Succession planning

Evaluation framework
Focus Groups: ethics resource staff Interviews: key informants Survey: staff, physicians, others Database: number & type of calls, issues identified, outcomes

Committed resource staff Link with University of Victoria and other resources Sound knowledge base

Continued organizational commitment and support Resources Cultural shift

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