Main Technical Specifications by techmaster


									Main Technical Specifications
Model                       Units     JTC250110

Spindle date:
Work table diameter         mm         2.000
Max. Swing                  mm         2.500
Max. turning diameter       mm         2.500
Max. turning height         mm         2.000
Max. workpiece              kg        10.000
Max. torque                 Nm        26.000

Ram head:
Vertical travel             mm        1.200
Horizontal travel           mm        -100-+2.800
Ram cross section           mm        240x240
Cutting tool section        mm        40x40

Positions of turning machine          12
Max.weight of each toolholder kg      50
Positions of milling magazine         -

Cutting feed                  mm/s    0.01-40
Rapid feed                    m/min   8
Speed of work table           r/min   1-180
Speed of power head           r/min   -
Speed of C Axis               r/min   -
Speed steps of work table             2
Vertical travel of cross beam mm      250x4

Power of main motor          kW       60/75
Power of horizontal feed motor kW     7
Power of vertical feed motor kW       7
Power of power head motor kW          -
Power of C axis motor        kW       -
Position accuracy                     IT6
Surface finish               um       Ra1.6
Weight                       kg       50.000
Dimensions                   mm       10.600x5.600x7.163
Model of control system               Siemens 802D

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