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       MEGAUPLOAD Premium Account Tutorial: Happy Hour

This simple tutorial w ill teach you how to convert a normal Free MEGAUPLOAD account
into a full featured Premium Account for a short period of time. Though note the only
time when it's possible to do it is between 2:00AM a nd 8:00AM (GMT). The trick
does work every day however.

Previous requirements:

       A FREE MEGAUPLOAD user account.
       Mozilla Firefox web browser.
       Dow nload Manager (FlashGet, ReGet Deluxe, Get Right, etc…)

We must then follow these steps:

1. Install the ProxySel extension for Firefox

We can do this by going to:

and clicking the Install Now button. If the link doesn’t work we can just search for it

Once installed we must restart Firefox, then we should see the new bar f ully functional
located right next to the menu bar.

2. Install the MEGAUPLOAD TOOLBAR extension

For this we go to:

Assuming we meet the simple system requirements shown there, we now just click on
the big red dow nload button at the bottom, and then proceed to install it.

Once installed it will automatically open an IE window which we can just close right
away. When we open F irefox again we should now see the MEGAUPLOAD Toolbar
extension enabled in there as well.

   DDL-Raws          #d d l - r aw s @r iz o n. ne t   w w w .d dl - r aw s .e s   Page 1   [MEGAUPLOAD PREMIUM ACCOUNT TUTORIAL]

3. Configure the ProxySel extension

Now we have to set some proxy servers on Proxy Sel so we can trick MEGAUPLOAD. For
this we need a proxy list. We can get a permanently updated list at the following site:


There we'll have to dow nload a US-only proxy list in CSV format, which we can find at
the bottom of the page ("US Proxy list -> Detailed CSV file").

Once we hace the CSV file w ith the US proxies, we then proceed to import it in
ProxySel. To do this go to ProxySel - > Import - Export -> Import File - > Append to
proxylist, where we select the CSV file we just got. Also, make sure to check the "All
Types" option before importing the file.

It is highly recommended to choose proxies that work properly, since our download
speed will be highly dependant on t he proxy's performance.

Once a proxy is set, we can activate it by clicking the icon with the two computers at
the right of the ProxySel bar, which will light their screens red when active. We MUST
remember the address of the proxy server we have activated.

4. Activate the Happy Hour system

Once we have made sure we have enabled the proxy list , the MEGAUPLOAD Toolbar is
working, and that we’re logged in with our free account, we can now proceed to
activate the MEGAUPLOAD’s Happy Hour system by going to the following url:

   DDL-Raws         #d d l - r aw s @r iz o n. ne t   w w w .d dl - r aw s .e s   Page 2   [MEGAUPLOAD PREMIUM ACCOUNT TUTORIAL]

This way then it will turn our current free account into a Premium Account.

Finally, to check if we really got a fully working Premium Account we just have to go to
MEGAUPLOAD’s website, and check that it says premium next to our account’s name,
instead of just member.

5. Configuring the Download Manager

If we are going use a download manager we'll need one that support proxies. For this
tutorial we'll use ReGet Deluxe, but others work similarly, such as FlashGet, Get Right,
Dow nload Accelerator Plus, ORBIT, etc.

To set it up we go to Options -> Program Options -> Proxy - > Choose "HTTP" in "HTTP
Proxy server type", then paste the IP address of our current active proxy, and click

   DDL-Raws         #d d l - r aw s @r iz o n. ne t   w w w .d dl - r aw s .e s   Page 3   [MEGAUPLOAD PREMIUM ACCOUNT TUTORIAL]

Once we have set this, we'll just have to copy the link of the file we want to download
and open it with the dow nload manager, for it to start downloading through the proxy
server we have selected.      Remember that the download speed achieved will be
dependant on the quality of the proxy used, as well as the speed provided by your ISP
of course.


   -    When using your temporary premium account you will notice you get access to
        a direct download link for the file you want to download, without any waiting
        time or anything. Well good news is these direct links w ill still work for a bout
        two days after your premium account has expire d, and you w ill still be
        able to have simultaneous downloads w hen using them during that period
        (remember to download it through the proxy server you selected before).


   DDL-Raws          #d d l - r aw s @r iz o n. ne t   w w w .d dl - r aw s .e s   Page 4

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