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FY 07 Report

Extension Agents supported 112 Farmers Markets in 87 counties with 1732 local producers taking advantage of this opportunity to provide local shoppers with farm fresh, “Kentucky Proud” produce. Thirty-six of these markets captured sales figures and reported over $2.5 million in sales as a result of their efforts, translating to over $5 million in statewide receipts. Joint marketing and educational efforts enable local producers to advertise and attract local shoppers more effectively. Extension agents assisted markets with 579 media campaigns and 287 educational programs assisting shoppers with information on nutrition, food preparation, storage and preservation.

Farmers Market 87 Counties Reported Participating 112 1732 239 6278 287 How many Farmers Markets is Extension supporting in your county? How many different sellers participated in your county's farmers' markets this marketing season? How many educational programs were conducted for Farmers Market members or potential members in your county? How many attended the above mentioned educational events? How many educational programs/demonstrations were conducted at Farmers Markets for clientele/customers? (Generally related, but not restricted to, food use, preparation, storage/preservation, nutrition, food safety, etc.) How many Farmers' Market media campaigns targeted consumers in your county? (In addition to your regular Extension newspaper, radio and newsletter efforts.) If you survey your market membership to determine total income generated by this market over the season, enter that figure here.

579 $2,530,562

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