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									Increase Site Traffic by Taking Advantage of Chatting Trends
by Richard on December 23, 2009[edit] Every day millions of people use the internet just to chat. Chatting is rated as one of the most popular internet activities today, as once you begin chatting, you’re likely to become addicted to it. On average an online “chatter” logs on at least once a day to chat. There is no crystal clear understanding why people are so attracted to this method of communication, but there are lessons to be learned by their behavior. You can take advantage of this chat “addiction” to increase site traffic to your website. 2 Ways To Use Chatting To Increase Site Traffic. One requires less time to get started, but more maintenance time by you. The other is the reverse, a longer startup time, but less maintenance thereafter. Consider these ideas and begin implementing chatting to drive targeted web traffic to your website instantly.

1. Free Web Site Traffic by “Chat Advertising”
If chatting appeals to you then you can certainly dedicate a few hours a day delivering “adverts” to chatters. This involves visiting chat rooms with the intention of posting your website link into the chat. This can be done at random, visiting a chat room, posting your link without prompts from other chatters, then leaving and moving on to another room. This approach allows you to reach the largest audience of chatters. The best way to achieve this is to join rooms that are related to your website and its content, thereby driving targeted web traffic. However, this approach is likely to irritate some chatters, which may have a negative impact on your efforts to increase site traffic. You need to decide whether this risk is worth it for you or not. Alternatively, you can be more personal with your adverts. This involves selecting chat rooms that are more targeted to your ideal audience. For example, if your website is about dogs, then you will visit chat rooms that have a dog theme. Once you have engaged in conversation for a while, then you can begin to freely and more casually bring your website link into conversation. You will receive more respect using this approach but the probability of as large an audience as with the random posts is less likely. If you are a keen chatter, then it’s a good idea to include your website link in your chat profile, for others to review. This is a subtle, yet effective way to utilize chatting to increase site traffic. Those that review your profile may be inclined to visit your site and may refer others to it as well, providing free web site traffic.

2. Drive Targeted Web Traffic
With a Chat Feature Another form of implementing chatting to increase site traffic is to add a chat feature to your website. This is not a simple process and may take a while to set up. However, it’s a great way to draw targeted web traffic to your website. This is particularly true if your website is about a specific interest, passion or job as it encourages conversations and the sharing of information amongst like-minded people. This increases the possibility of your visitors and their friends coming back frequently. It’s good practice to monitor your website’s chat area frequently to ensure chatters are using your room appropriately and are not breaching certain policies you have put in place. Such activity makes your website look unprofessional and has the reverse effect of increasing site traffic. Using chatting is an extremely effective way to drive free web site traffic, thus you will notice other chatters making use of the opportunity as well. When you observe others doing it, take note of those chat delivery techniques that are most attractive to you. This allows you to create a perception from both angles and assists you in developing an effective plan for yourself. The more time and effort you dedicate to this strategy, the faster you will achieve results, so go ahead and start immediately!

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